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erolife Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before registering on the website www.erolife.co.uk. They contain important information about your rights and obligations.

Important: You must be at least 18 years old to register on www.erolife.co.uk

Operator, Contact and Brand Name

erolife is a registered trademark

All material and content relating to erolife.co.uk is copyright © 2011-13


Postfach 10 16 41
52316 Düren

for private user: myerolife@erolife.co.uk
for business user: business@erolife.co.uk
for press contact: press@erolife.co.uk

From this point forward:
"operator" means "erolife"
"user(s)" means "guest(s)/user(s)/member(s)"

Introduction - Nature of Website

Erolife is a website dedicated to people with an erotic lifestyle, including swinger, fetishist, homosexual and transsexual. Erotic artists such as photographers and models and erotic businesses like clubs, bars, sex shops and tattoo and piercing studios also express themselves through erolife. One of the main features of erolife is to find friendship and partnership with someone who shares the same kind of lifestyle, as well as expressing yourself in your individualism, in an open environment with likeminded people, in a respectful manner. It is important to have understanding and compassion from your social circle when sharing the erotic, sensual side of your life.

Erolife is produced for users in the UK and north Ireland. The concept behind erolife is the possibility and ability to not only contact other users but to meet them, thus this is not a worldwide website. It is completely free to register as a member of erolife.co.uk and to use many of the features.

  • Please note that our website is only available for individuals who can form legally binding contracts under applicable UK law.
  • The content of erolife.co.uk is aimed at users older than 18 years of age.

If you do not qualify for either or both of these restrictions, please leave this site immediately by clicking here: www.google.com

Registration of User Membership

The use of the erolife.co.uk website is to a large extent free to use (without financial cost). Registration and use of features of the operators' website for white members is exempt from charges. The operator shall provide additional premium offers, for which a fee is payable and which are marked as such and can be booked separately by the user. This is possible as a membership upgrade, only after free registration.

To successfully register, the user has to provide a valid e-mail address. When registering, the user can choose a unique user name and a password. The user will then receive a personal account "user Account". By registering as a member and creating a profile, the user enters into a binding contract between them self and the operator, on the basis of these general terms and conditions. A right to enter into a contract does not exist. The contract shall become binding once the user has completed the registration process and the operator has released, free to use, the profile. With every profile change by the user and the release of the changed profile details by the operator the contract becomes binding once more. The operator will not store any previous versions of the users' details.

The operator distinguishes between two membership types: a) private membership, without any financial interest
     i) white membership, free of charge
     ii) silver membership, charge applied
     iii) gold membership, charge applied
b) business membership, intended for business professionals, charge may be applied

The memberships are placed into different classes associated with user rights and/or access possibilities to different areas/services of the website, where a financial charge may be applicable. Only one private membership per person is permitted. Couples are allowed to arrange an additional private solo membership profile as well as their private shared couple membership profile. Business professionals are allowed to create an additional private membership profile, purely for private use. If a user is found to be in violation these rules, the operator reserves the right to delete any or all of the user accounts.

Business users with offers or financial interest must use the appropriate membership type when registering a user membership. At the request of the operator, the business user has to provide verification of being a professional entity, for example, by submission of the trade licence. If the user violates this obligation, the operator has all rights to delete the account and to terminate the membership without the refund of any already paid fees.

By registering, the user agrees to these terms and conditions and agrees to provide true, complete and current personal information. The user also confirms they meet all of the required minimum conditions to post content on erolife. The user will update changes about personal data and information immediately. If there is a necessity to change membership account data which the user cannot influence, then the operator needs to be informed.

Rights and Obligations of the User

Users of erolife confirm on visiting the website and prior to each use of the website and content, they are at least 18 years of age and that they meet all of the required conditions in their home country to view websites with adult erotic content. Should these conditions not be met, the user is forbidden to enter erolife.co.uk.

Access Security and Passwords

With registering, the user claims that they are solely using their account for them self and that they will not give their login information to others. The user ensures that unauthorised persons shall not be given access to the erolife website through their own login information. The user shall ensure especially that minors are not given access to the website, also not by accident given the ability to view any content or login information pertaining to erolife.co.uk. The member area is protected with an individual user password as a means of protection against unauthorised use of erolife.co.uk. The user acknowledges that passwords are used to preclude the use of the website by unauthorised persons. The login/password details must not be disclosed to third parties and have to be protected from abuse by third parties. Passwords have to be changed at regular intervals by the user. The operator will never ask the user for the password and login information. In case of suspicion of abuse of the password by unauthorised persons, the user needs to change the password immediately and inform the operator.

Main Function of erolife

The main function of erolife is to offer users a platform where they can watch, download and uploaded content (texts, pictures, video sequences etc) from other users and/or to upload own content, which could be viewed by other users. The user provided content consists primarily of texts, pictures and video sequences. With upload of content on the website the user declares to agree that this content can be accessed by other users. Users have also the opportunity to interact with each other in forums, chat, messenger etc and to utilise the services of the operator approved business professionals. These are for example the booking of an event or service.

Responsibility for User Content

The user obligates them self to publish, upload or to transmit to the operator only such content that is in correspondence with the style and content standard of erolife and, as defined by these terms and conditions, and as long as it is not prohibited content.

The user is solely responsible for their activity, information and content and is bound by the abidance to the law. This particularly concerns the areas of copyright, trademark and protection of minors. The user guarantees that they posses all of the necessary rights on all published materials in the operators databank, that they will not violate the rights of any third party (e.g. the right of owner picture or text, personality rights, trademark rights of third parties) and that the published content is not violating these terms and conditions or any other legal requirements. The user is bound to provide information about their legal ownership on the published materials upon request from the operator.

Manners of Behaviour

It is very important that all users interact respectfully with each other when ever using the website. Written and/or verbal abuse, insults and defamation of others will not be tolerated on the website. The operator provides user support in the form of moderators and administrators. These users are monitoring user behaviour constantly and can assist in any such situations. They also have the right to edit or delete posts that go against these terms and conditions. If a user repeatedly offends others or uses inappropriate behaviour towards other users, they will be given warning. This may lead to their profile being temporarily blocked or even deleted. A refund of already paid membership fees may not take place. In case of serious misconduct in accordance with this rule or other criminal conduct, gives the operator the right to inform the law enforcement authorities.

Prohibited Content

It is prohibited to publish pictures or videos on erolife.co.uk which show people under the age of 18, or animals. It is also prohibited to show in photographs and videos third parties over 18 years of age, who do not give permission to be included in the content. It is also prohibited to publish text or other material, which shows or reports sexual or pornographic acts on or with children, minors and/or animals. Erolife explicitly states that such contents will not only be immediately removed but the operator will also inform the law enforcement agencies.

The use of erolife directly or indirectly for advertising purposes is prohibited. This excludes the operator's self offered forms of advertising, e.g. the club and event lists etc. In particular it is not allowed to distribute any phone number, email address, link, SMS number or any other contact information for the means of private or commercial contact, to other users or third party. Any indication of these actions, through erolife, of extending commercial or non-commercial services or information (other internet sites etc.) is prohibited. By violating these rules the operator will immediately delete such content. Hereby, the operator states a fine of 10.000 GBP is agreed up, to be payable from the user to the operator in case of violating this agreement.

It is further prohibited to publish identical or almost identical content such as forum entries, short stories etc. Even meaningless content, such as filler or replacement texts are not allowed. Content that is not in correspondence with erolife erotic content/objective is not to be uploaded by the user. It is forbidden to publish content on erolife that is racist, discriminatory, vulgar or any material that is about violent or abusive pornography or any prohibited or illegal content. All content of this type will be edited or deleted by the operator without warning. Should a user repeatedly publish racist, discriminatory, vulgar or content with violence, abusive pornography or illegal material, the operator will ban the user from the site permanently.

Copyright, Right of Use and Trademark Rights on erolife

Copyright, right of use, trademark rights and the right of own picture/text are for the operator very important elements of public life. On the one hand, they protect the intellectual property of people, on the other hand, they protect from being published without owner consent on the internet or other media. With the upload of text, images, videos and other files, the user confirms that they are in possession of all necessary rights to publish the content on erolife.co.uk. Each user is solely responsible for their own uploaded files. Erolife does not tolerate any kind of legal violations and will cooperate with the respective rights holder or other users in the detection of violations.

If a user notices a violation on erolife.co.uk on the aforementioned rights, the operator asks for immediate communication of this violation, using the function "report this profile". Alternatively, the user can send the operator support team a message with a link to the offending content, along with the concern about the content.

If, as a user, your rights have been violated, contact should be made with confirmation of ownership of the violated content. In the case of justified criticism the operator will stop the copyright infringement immediately. The battle against violations of the law (child protection, copyright etc.) is conducted by the operator actively and constructively. This is already a part of the operators own tenor and its contractors.

Grant of Rights

By uploading content (personal data and information, text, pictures, graphics, video sequences etc.) on the website of the operator the user grants the operator the royalty-free and temporally unlimited right to use the uploaded content and/or its services. This expressly also includes the modification, performance, reproduction, distribution and accessibility. A subsequent deletion or amendment of the user's contribution, e.g. in the forum, is not possible even if the user deletes his account. Submissions on erolife made during competitions may not be taken back, once the competition has begun. On deletion of a user profile, the operator may hold all profile data for seven days, in the case that a user wishes to reactivate the profile. After the seventh day, the operator may delete all user profile data. Any text included in communal areas, e.g. forum or magazine service area will remain, with the user name being changed to "anonym". Posted pictures or videos in these aforementioned sections will remain within the content.

Links to/from Other Websites

The operator cannot be held responsible for any content published on the website of an independent operator, which shows a link to erolife.co.uk. All websites with a link to erolife.co.uk should do so using only the authorised script given by the operator for advertising purposes, directing internet users directly to the erolife operators' website. Any third party found to be misusing scripts either authorised by the operator or non-authorised, will be subject to breech of copyright terms as laid out herein.

Any links from erolife.co.uk to third party websites are made in good faith and the operator cannot be held responsible for content held by such third party websites. All links agreed upon by the operator of erolife support reflective goodwill at time of exchange. The operator can remove or change the third party link at any time without notice for any reason. In the case that the operator does not agree with a third party link, the link will be removed by the third party with immediate effect. Likewise, any third party wishing to remove their link from erolife must communicate by email, fax or letter of their wish and the operator will remove the link with immediate effect on receipt of the request.

Wilful Harm/Damage of erolife Property

Any third party found purposely harming or damaging any content, directly on or through the servers of the operator or any other publicity or branded material will be subject to these terms and conditions and actions will be brought against them by the operator. This includes the following but does not exclude other means not stated, that the operator deems to be harmful: transmitting or uploading viruses, spyware, Trojans and worms or any program designed to affect the running of software or hardware, or data stored by the operator.

Exemption from Liability

The operator and/or related companies and its employees, shareholders and representatives cannot be held liable for any law infringement on the part of the user. Hereby, the user shall indemnify and hold blameless the operator and/or related companies and its employees, shareholders and representatives from and against all claims or legal proceedings brought by third parties arising out of the infringement of rights by the user. In case of violation of the rights of third parties and a subsequent legal dispute, the user on first demand, takes over all the costs for a necessary legal defence, including all legal and solicitor fees.

Cancellation of Contract, Contract Renewal and Contract Termination

The user can cancel the fee based membership contract up to 14 days after successful registration, in written form (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) without stating any reasons. After this time, the user is committed to the contract until the end of the booked period/paid membership. It is possible to cancel the free membership use of erolife.co.uk anytime by deleting the profile, from the "my erolife" user profile settings. All user profile information in the "my erolife" section will be permanently deleted from the operator database. Any photographs and text posted throughout the website in other services, not deleted by the user, where appropriate, before the deletion of the user profile account, will not be able to, after profile deletion, remove any such mentioned content from the website.

For fee based services, the operator alerts the user in an appropriate time before the end of the paid membership period, latest two weeks before, about the end of the paid period and automatic renewal, in the case of non termination. The user then has the option to terminate the membership up to seven days before the last day of their paid membership period or to request a conversion to a free membership. It is sufficient to write an e-mail to help@erolife.co.uk explaining the required action desired from the above two options. Failure to do so, results in the automatic renewal of the membership for the same period as the previously agreed and paid period. The operator is then entitled to collect the payment from the user in the same way as the last membership payment was made. If a user wants a different form of fee-based membership or another contract period, they can book this through help@erolife.co.uk up to seven days before the end membership period.

Payable Services and Termination

The operator provides features on the website which include payable services. This payment service company is totally independent from the operator and all payable services can only be booked, cancelled or changed through this partner company. This means, the contractual payment basis is determined by the payable service partner company in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions. In the case of fee based services offered directly by the operator, the principal obligations are determined in accordance with the agreed terms. If no individual agreements were made, then the present terms are applied.

With a paid membership the payment obligations are not refundable, if the users account had to be modified, cancelled, restricted and/or monitored or the user was banned from the website by the operator. In this case the operator is not obliged to provide the user with a refund of his already paid contributions.

Services of the Operator - Rights and Obligations

The operator runs the website erolife.co.uk for guests and registered users. The operator offers apply only to adult people capable of entering into legal transactions and the commercial sector, as well as legal entities and partnerships. The contractual service of the operator consists of the successful provision of free or fee based access to the website and services. The operator allows the user to upload content and view and receive website content. The operator has the right to refuse to publish content without giving a reason.

Privacy Policy

Personal data that is transmitted to the operator and is intended only for internal use will not be disclosed without explicit permission. This does not include data that is uploaded and published from the user directly through the user account on erolife.co.uk. Informations picked up by internet search engine robots can include any free-to-view data made public to internet users, even without a membership account. The operator is not responsible for any data found by these robots. The user is solely responsible for data and information submitted to other members in public areas of the website (forum, chat, dating, ads, etc.). The exception to this non disclosure is in the case of providing evidence to the appropriate authorities when a law has been broken, in the case of an investigation, into the misuse of these terms and conditions by a user.

Verification of Content

The operator does not undertake any fundamental revision of the users uploaded and published content. Therefore is not possible to guarantee accuracy, appropriateness and quality. However, the operator reserves the right to refuse at their sole discretion to publish content and information through the website, in user profiles or to correct or delete and/or to temporarily or permanently block the user's account. In this case, users are therefore not entitled to use the operators' services and/or to publish content on erolife.co.uk. This is especially considered if a violation against these terms and conditions or any legal provisions becomes known, false information is uncovered or if there are other important reasons. The operator does not undertake responsibility for any offers, promotions and/or false information give by businesses through the use of their professional business membership profile. This also applies to any external links published on erolife.co.uk.

Complete User/Membership Ban

By violating these terms and conditions, legal regulations or in the presence of other important reasons, the operator can grant the user a complete access ban, excluding them from all future use of services on the operators' website. All already paid membership fees will not be refunded to the user. The judgement of a situation which leads to the confirmation of a user/membership ban lies with the discretion of the operator. Users given a user/membership ban are prohibited to re-register on erolife. Any former user, who bypasses a user/membership ban through new registration under new pseudonym, is subject to legal action. The data of the new account will be deleted immediately after discovery.


Erolife has been created for real people and businesses with honest and serious intentions. For protection against fake and dubious user accounts, the operator has the right to check the users account for authenticity and/or proper content and information. For this the operator has the right to request from the user certain documents, such as verification images or identity card. The user has the free choice to send the requested documents to the operator. If the users do not send the requested documents, the operator has the right to delete the account.

If the operator has reasonable doubt about the authenticity of a users' uploaded data, the operator can temporarily disable the account to protect other members from possible false or fake information and request from the user authenticity evidence regarding the data. In case the user does not provide any proof about the authenticity of the mentioned data in question, the operator may delete the account. A refund of already paid contributions for the fee based member service does not occur in this case.

Deletion of Profile and Modification of Contribution

The operator has the right to modify accounts and contributions them self or through third parties, to reject user accounts in whole or partially, and to delete or block them. The operator informs the user about every deletion, modification, etc. through the users registered e-mail address or through erolifes internal private mail system. The judgement of a situation which leads to a change, rejection or blocking is at the discretion of the operator.

If the users free user account (free membership) has not been used for more than 3 months, it can be deleted without further warning by the operator. In this case, there is no claim for storage or retrieval of data or the reservation of the username.

Privacy in the Member Communication

The communication between users, e.g. through private messaging or instant messenger, is made without inspection on the part of the moderators of the operator. The operator can carry out appropriate research and share relevant evidence to the authorities, as far as a legal, judicial or regulatory requirement of the operator exists. Businesses can only promote their offers and products directly to erolife members using the erolife private messaging system when the user has requested such information or are a group member or they book a party. Any other contact is not permitted. It is also prohibited to request from users their private email addresses in order to contact them externally regarding information and/or offers. This protects the user from unsolicited mail.

Chat Room and Webcam Service

All users of the chat rooms and webcams are responsible for ensuring no minors less than 18 years of age or animals are in view of the webcam at any time during transmission to and through erolife.co.uk. This also applies to persons over 18 years who have not agreed to be in view of the camera. Any breach in these terms will result in the suspension and/or permanent blocking of webcam use, or suspension or deletion of user account, in severe cases of misuse. Any user with reason to believe another user is in breach of these terms should contact the operator immediately with specific details regarding the concern, along with the user name of the member in question.

Warranty of the Supplier

All operator databases and technical hardware is modern, up to date technology. The operator strives to ensure maximum availability of the website. However, temporary restrictions to the availability of the operator services due to problems that are beyond the control of the operator (faults of third parties, etc.) or due to maintenance may result in temporary unavailability of the website. The operator does not guarantee a continuous availability and accessibility to the website and is not liable for downtime. This could be due to site maintenance or a newly discovered problem that could not be foreseen or expected.

Youth Protection

It is the opinion of erolife that the use of websites, containing pornographic material, by children and young people should not be tolerated by the operators of such internet sites. A 100% protection of underage internet users from pornographic content is not possible. However, we strive to provide an reasonable protection concerning minors. It also requires the effort of others to enforce the goal of protecting minors. Firstly, the use of this website is only for people who are at least 18 years of age. If the country of the users' nationality has stricter regulations, then these shall be used instead of our terms and conditions. In addition, erolife will take care that there will be no pornographic content visible on the publicly available website pages without proof of age. Erolife extends this rule so far as that pornographic content such as images, texts and videos can only be viewed through a fee based membership on the website, or after providing proof of age 'Authentication'. Guardians/Parents who are concerned about minors accessing adult content websites should use the services of online available operators who provide child protection software. This may be in the form of using a key code system that will unlock blocked websites when minors are not present.

Copyright, Usage and Trademark Rights of erolife

All designs, text, databases, logos, etc., which are published by the operator on this website or are otherwise released within the revenue service of erolife, are all protected by copyright under international law. Any publication without prior written permission of the copyright holder is prohibited.

Photos and videos published directly by the operator are from the following sources: Benedikt Photography, istockphoto.com, shutterstock.com, with the permission of the artist(s).

All operators rights are extended to all of the databases and programming and the content contained therein. The solely and extensive rights are owned by the operator. Any users' rights on their published content are not affected by this. The appropriately integrated copyright mark, e.g. erolife watermarked pictures, or other operator owned content on the website and the operators' products cannot be changed or amended.

It is forbidden to use the content of the operators database to build a database for a third party, in any media form, for commercial data exploitation or any other use, outside of the here granted terms and conditions. This also includes the prohibition of any link of the database or individual components of the database with other databases or meta-databases.

Limitation of Liability

The operator is excluded and independent of the law for any claim against them for compensation or loss suffered, unless the operator, their legal representatives or agents are found guilty of gross negligence or wilful misconduct. The operators' liability for damage to life and limb under the Product Liability Act is not affected. In a breach of the law the operator is liable for any negligence, but only up to the foreseeable damage. The above mentioned liability limitations also apply to the operators affiliated companies as well as to personal liability for employees, representatives, partners and agents of the operator and/or their affiliated companies. Any person who re-enacts privately any actions read or viewed on erolife.co.uk for their own personal use, cannot hold the operator responsible for any harm or injury caused to them self or others.

Offer Changes on erolife

Features, offers, services and content of the website can be changed, extended or limited by the operator at any time. In case the operator restricts fee based options, a proper balance will be ensured.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

The operator reserves the right to adjust or change the terms and conditions at any time. The amendments shall be deemed as accepted by the user, if the user does not disagree in writing within four weeks. The disagreement may be made by e-mail, letter or fax.

Jurisdiction and Severability Clause

The operator of this website and owner of the mark erolife is the x-up media AG, located in Germany. Erolife.co.uk is presented under UK law. Should a claim be lodged, by business people and entrepreneurs, against the use of the name erolife, the fulfillment of such mentioned claimed will take place against the operator in Düren, Germany. This applies in case that the user of the name erolife is a currently trading merchant according to the German Commercial Code. This applies even if the users' residence is in a foreign country and/or has no jurisdiction in Germany.

If all or any part of any regulations of these terms and conditions will later lose their validity in whole or partially, the validity of all non-affected parts of these terms and conditions shall not be affected. In this case, legal regulations will be used which will come economically the closest to the intended regulation. The same applies, if these terms and conditions have loopholes.

The above terms and conditions regulate the conditions of use of erolifes' offers. They are binding for all users of the website erolife.co.uk. The user agrees by using the service of this website and by clicking the "I accept" option relating to these terms and conditions, to be legally bound by these terms and conditions.

updated 25/2/13 - Contact Address amended

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