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Erolife Membership Comparison Chart

Please take a look at our comparison table below and choose which suits you best. 

  Plus  Silver Gold 
My erolife
view adult content * AR or upgrade AR
Private Mail
write mail
reply to mail
auto-deletion after ? days 21 40 60
archive mail 5 50 120
erolife support mail service
Compliments & Recommendations
receive compliments
recommend a business
send a compliment -
see compliments sent -
see recommendations sent -
hide compliments list -
upload photos 5 100 200
create albums
view albums
comment on photos
like photos
lock personal albums - -
secret albums for friends & members - -
upload videos 5 10 20
create albums
view albums
lock personal albums - -
secret albums for friends - -
write a motto
tell your friends pinboard
create a date
create an advert
create a private event
accept friendship requests
write erofications
invite guests to private event -
reminder notes -
friendship list -
friends mails -
request friendship -
delete friendship -
hide erofications -
hide friends list -
members who viewed me - 20 75
members I recently viewed - 20 75
message guest list of private event - -
view friends booked events - -
view own booked events - -
view friends dates & ads - -
bookmark interesting members - -
block & unblock members - -
read articles and short stories
create short stories
view events
invite a friend
register attendance at events
discounts on events and services - -
view profiles
basic search
search by region
newest members
online now
detailed search -
happy birthday -
Video Chat
view room names and active members AR
enter chat rooms AR
invite members into private chat AR
friends list AR
block members AR
create own room - -
Dates & Ads
reply to dates
reply to adverts
request to attend event
basic search
regional search
Show Time
view member profiles
view member videos
filter member photos by theme
view professional photos
view professional videos
filter professional photos by theme
read forum
write in forum
upload photos
suggest a topic
business search
tell a friend
view profiles
directions map
send mail
view photo & video albums
services & products discount - -
create a group
join a group


To upgrade, use the "Upgrade" option in your myerolife dashboard. You will find it in the top section of your left hand options panel.

Or click here to go straight there.

AR - Authentication Request.  See this link for more information.

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