Switch made In Heaven

The mysterious woman behind the mask ordered me to undress with a firm command. I removed my clothes I stood naked with my legs astride as commanded.
She looked so sexy but dominant as she tapped her inspection stick against those sexy black leather thigh boots. She smiled as my hot juicy cock stiffened and stood standing proud. My cock swelled so fucking hard as my thoughts were utterly naughty.    
She proceeded to inspect her conquest whilst randomly tapping her stick on different parts of my body as sign of approval. She stood behind me for a short while running the stick down my spine whilst short bursts randomly slapped my peachy backside.   
I stared at her gorgeous wet pussy peeking through her fish nets I’m sure it actually winked at me. As my Cock swung high standing thicker and harder. Baying to be sucked and fucked. My cock prompted a smile as she squirted.
 I wanted to explode my hot ropes there and then. I so wanted to taste her - I wanted to screw her hard and fast. Nailing her to the floor as my hot cock pounded deep thus making her pussy weep.  - I wanted to take her like a ROARING lion tending to his pride.   
However I wasn't the boss she pushed the point of her inspection stick into my chest hard thrusting me against the wall thus pinning me hard against her sexy body and the wall behind me.
She gripped my cock hard and kneeled taking me all in and on down to my balls. The feeling was amazing as she began to suck lick and tease every inch of me. 
She sucked me hard and fast whilst rubbing my hot cock between her tits. Forcefully slapping my cock around her silk lips intertwined with little bites that made me judder and by god she sucked me hard and fast. Grabbing my balls she walked me over to the table and pinned my down hard. I could feel her but couldn't take her such teases.
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