Katie's Massage

This is not quite what you expected.  You looked down again at the little brown envelope.  True the pay is not bad but not spectacular.  Your mind slips back to the adverts “extensive and rewarding bonus schemes”.  You remember the enquiries that you had made and the answers that you had been given regarding huge cash bonuses.  Yet here in your pay packet is…………….. is a voucher for a massage.  Hardly an extensive or very rewarding bonus.  Grumpily you thrust it in your bag as you watch your colleagues open their envelopes, smile and put them away.  You feel the frustration, build through out the day as you over hear the others boast about how much they got.   Eventually it’s time to go home, but instead of going straight there you go to the bar around the corner.  A combination of wanting to drink away the stress and the shear anger at a voucher as a bonus! You order a bottle of wine and settle down.   Ordering your second bottle you take out your purse to pay and the voucher falls out.  Reaching down to pick it up you feel an ache in your shoulder,  looking at the voucher you decide to give the parlour a ring and leave a message.  Given the time it surprises you when the phone is answered, hesitantly you explain that you have a voucher for a massage that you would like to use, when could you book in?  The girl on the other end asks do you know what sort of massage do you want? When do you want it? Who do want it with?  You are getting so confused that you are about to put the phone down when she says “We are open until late tonight and have openings, why don’t you come down and see what’s on offer?  You can either take it tonight or make a booking for another time?”

As you stand by the door, the shadows of the overhanging stone cornice plunging it further into darkness you are beginning to wonder what you are letting yourself in for.  But the alcohol is continuing to urge you on, daring you to do it.  Whilst the javelins thrusting into your shoulder from the aches and pains of the week, are pushing you over the edge and through the door.   The buzzer unlocks the door and you climb the stairs, the stair well a deep, almost blood red colour, with subtle lighting.  You get to the top step into a waiting area with large black leather sofas. 

 The girl in reception runs through the various massages; back; Indian head and full body then takes you to the treatment room.  The lighting is low with candles around the edge of the room and piped gentle music playing in the background.   She asks you to get comfortable and that there are towels to put over you when you get on the treatment bench.   “Don’t worry someone will be up to see to you in a minute” she tells you.  She stands in the door way watching as you put your stuff down on the chair, she watches as you take your jacket off and only leaves the room when you turn around, unbuttoning your blouse, raising your eyebrows at her.  Slipping the white material off your shoulders you realise that you didn’t ask how far you should undress.  Does it really matter?  You look down at the cream silk and lace, the dark shadow of mystery indicating the treasure beneath.  You think of the massage oil on these, staining them and the way that they would stick to you on the train home.  Your thumbs pull them down your thighs and off over your calves.  Your mind wanders as you begin to wonder if the masseuse fingers will feel as smooth and sensual running over your legs.  You climb onto the bench and pull the towel over your naked body as you place your face into the hole on the bench.  Under the warmth of the towel; in the semi-darkness of the room the alcohol starts to take affect and with the music you drift off.

As I open the door you are dozing on the bench, you hear the door open and it makes you shudder.  Knocking the towel to the floor.  Exposing your naked body to me.  The flickering candle light reflecting off you’re the roundness of your buttocks and the length of your legs.  The shadow falling in the pit of your back and deep dark crevice full of promise between your legs formed by your buttocks.   You still don’t stir so standing behind and to the side of you I pour some oil onto my hands and start to rub them together to warm it up.

I don’t make any attempt to replace the towel instead I put my oily warmed hands just below your shoulders and start to move them in a circular motion.  Moving up either side of your spine to your neck, rolling the skin on your shoulders.  I hear you groan as you start to wake, my thumbs pressing down either side of your spine and pulling them down your back.   As I get to your right shoulder blade I hear you moan, and feel you flinch under my fingers.  I leave my thumbs where they are working in circles around your shoulder blades, my fingers spreading out and cupping the sides of your breasts.  As they slide out over you and hold you I notice the groan of pain has started to be replaced by one of pleasure.  I take hold of your right arm and placing it in the small of your back and lift it slightly.   Your shoulder blade raises as I work my thumb into the exposed knotted muscle.  It aches, but then I take the other arm and both of your arms are pinned behind your back.  At first you are wary of me lifting your arms up behind your back but then you giggle and tell me that this feels nearly as good as last time you had your arms restrained behind you. 

I ask “oh tell me more”.  At the sound of my voice you spin your head around trying to see me.

“I…. I…. I thought that you were a girl” you stammer, by now struggling and wriggling.   One of my hands gripping both of your wrists tightly my other hand, all oily, pushing down on your bum, trying to pin you down.  Sliding over you and down onto your thighs. 

“Please stop struggling, you will only end up hurting yourself.  I will let you go and leave you to get changed.  Or I can carry on.  It’s up to you…….”

You calm down and as you do so I let go of your arms.  I rotate my hands so that they are side on against your back and thighs and move the sides of my hands in. large sweeping curves over you.  Meeting at the base of your ribs I pull one hand down each side of you.  Over you bum, across your thighs, pausing at your knees to let my thumbs rub the back of them.  Down over your muscular calves, working the knots out.  I go and stand at the bottom of the bench.  Taking a foot I hold your ankle and circle it around, hearing it click.  I hold the top of your foot and knead the sole of your foot with my knuckles, before pulling and rotating each toe in turn.    You open your legs and lift your other foot towards me.  I am slightly distracted for a moment as I see up those almost impossibly long legs towards cupid’s dark arrowhead pointing to your ground zero of pleasure.   I start to suck on your toes whilst rubbing my hands up and down your leg.  Your leg rests on my shoulder the oil off your leg and foot starts to stain my polo shirt.  I pull it off to stop it getting more massage oil on it.  Instead it starts to glisten off the skin across my chest and my arms.

My fingers push into your thighs, my thumbs rotate around and push upwards before my fingers move in again.  Gradually my fingers getting closer to your increasingly wet sex.  My thumb brushes against the warmth of you.  I place a hand at the base of each buttock, rotating them around so my thumbs stroke your cunt lips.   I hear your soft breathing becoming deeper, you raise your bum and try and push back against me.  Eagerly enticing my thumbs to penetrate you.  Twisting my hands I pull my thumbs away from you, but push my fingers forward over your arse, my well oiled finger sliding through the crevice.  As you push back it is you that spears your own arse on my finger.  But it is me that rotates it, bending it, stroking it. 

You lift yourself up onto your elbows and bite your lip, as the breathing gets to the point that I can feel you grip my finger and relax again as I see the blush flush across your body.  Down across your back and reddening your arse and down your thighs.   The pinkened flesh looking so inviting……

I move to your head, the smile spreads wide across your face as I lean over you.  My knuckles pushing down your back, my fingertips lightly tracing the return up your back.  Down over your arms and back.  Each time I lean over you I lean further over you until my chest is against your back.  You can feel the hair on my chest tickling your back as I move over you.  My hands slowly working from calves back to your neck and down again.  I ask you to lie flat, so you spread your arms out in front of you.  And wrap them around my thighs gently stroking my arse.  Your fingers running down over me and back up my thighs.  A smile creasing my lips as I rock on my feet, encouraging your hands to roam over me.  You are grinding your hips against the bench and open your legs slightly so as I pull my fingers up over your thighs in a tight circular motion, moving progressively slower as I mover up.  Hearing your breathing getting heavier and more rapid, you open your legs more as my fingers start to tease around your lips.  I part them slightly and slide a finger up and down, from just below your clitoris up to just before your arse.  I stand up and kissing the back of your neck run my tongue down your spine, only stopping occasionally to kiss it, my chest rubbing over your back as I move down over the sensual curves of your body.  The warmth of your skin against my the slight coolness of my moist lips.  

“When you are ready do you want to turn over?” I ask.   I don’t bother to put a towel over you, and as you roll over you get your first proper look at me.   I am certainly not what you would call an instant target.  Heavy set, but no real signs of flab or overly developed muscles, just the right bulges and curves where they need to be.  Cleanly shaven, glasses but looking down at me you say “oh, yes an impressive size, and size DOES matter”.

“It certainly does in this job” I smile, rotating my wide spread hands in front of you before pouring more oil on them.  Flexing my fingers and pushing them down over your arms.  You are surprised that my hands are going there and not over your breasts.  But pushing on your arms and working out the knots it lifts your breasts.  Your nipples now becoming hard and standing upright.  I take your left breast in both hands, my thumbs either side of your nipple.  Rolling it as I massage your tit gently with my fingertips.   Your hands now behind your head, further pushing your breasts up towards me.   I lean over, almost covering your face with my chest as my lips move yours.  My tongue circling round your breast, my teeth nibbling your flesh.  I bite your nipple and pull on it with my teeth, almost letting go as I smile hearing you groan and moan. 

You reach up behind you, stroking up the thin cotton covering my inner thighs with one hand.  Your other hand moving down over your stomach, stroking in circular movements, down over your clit.   I can see your excitement, the slight swelling of your bud, the reddening of your thighs and the candle light reflecting off the glistening moisture spread by your fingers.  Watching you become more excited and your touch is making my already hard cock desperate for your attention.

You turn your head as I pull the light trousers and boxers down my thighs, my cock bouncing free in front of you.

Your fingers wrapping around my shaft, as mine work over your breasts and down to join your hand over your cunt.  As you continue to play with your clitoris I stroke and tickle your thighs working closer and closer to you.  Until my fingers are stroking up and down over your pussy.  I watch as one of your fingers pushes gently into you, stirs your pleasure then offers it to me to taste.  Sticky and sweet like honey, but salty full of promise.  With your fingers in my mouth I push mine into you.   Arching your back, your throat extends and you take the head of my cock into your mouth.  Running your tongue around the tip of my dick and cupping my balls with your free hand.  I can feel you gripping my fingers as I work them in and out of you.  You take my cock out of your mouth so you can pant as your orgasm hits hard, as it continues you nibble along my shaft. 

You feel my balls tighten, knowing I am so close to the edge you point out that I don’t have any massage oil left on my hands.  So working my cock you spill my load over your breasts.  You smear my spunk over your nipples, smiling at me. 

I start to tidy myself up, fetching you towels telling you where the shower is telling you to take your time, but  I had to go and lock up.   Within minutes you are going me in the reception, I can see your blouse sticking to your breasts with my spunk.  You hand me the voucher to pay for the massage.  “I feel like I owe you something else though” so saying you pass me your underwear. 

“In that case, I am sure I can find you some change……” as we leave the building together and call a cab.

It’s Monday morning.  You are sitting at your desk and wondering if you can book another massage later in the week.  With your mind drifting as you start the first cup of coffee of the day, you hear a cough behind you.  It’s your boss asking to have “a quick chat”.

“Katie, I just got the bill for the massage that we gave you as your monthly bonus, I wonder if you can explain this…...”

The panic that rises in you as you remember what happened last Friday night is suddenly cut out from under you. 

“You only had a head and neck massage?  You know that you could have had anything?” You think back and smile, you certainly could have had pretty much anything that you wanted…

“you didn’t take advantage of it” She pushes over an envelope, “so I have booked you a second all body pamper package and there is this”

You open the envelope and the contents are more like what you were expecting, and you know exactly how you are going to spend it.


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