For Katie - The Pub

You find that your legs were trembling as you arrived at work this morning. Last night could not have gone by any more slowly. You found yourself actually looking at the clock. Hoping that the ticks would double and triple. The anticipation has been excruciating. Silently you start to wonder just how many of your pent up fantasies I may be able to fulfill. You start to reflect on how vulnerable and yet how so alive I have been making you feel all day. And you start to wonder if I will ever will become bored with this. Bored by you_Your last thought is interrupted by a sudden unexpected text.
Take off your panties.
This sudden and explicit demand has your outer lips as congested as the mounting heat that you feel surrounding you inside the bar. The temperatures feels like it is soaring. You long for the air conditioning to be switched on, wondering if you dare to gulp down the glass of cold white wine you have, watching the condensation run down the glass. You smile at the thought at what I would say at seeing the state you are getting in and drawing comparisons with the dripping glass. Yet part of you enjoys the added inferno burning between your thighs. You try to remain realistic within such a vivid fantasy.
"I... can't" you respond
My response is as quick as a flash of lightning.
You slide the panties down your shaking legs. They rest against the bottom of your thighs. The soft silk is there to remind you of the delicious decadence of the moment. Luckily you are sat at a large and thick table. You wonder how much it will conceal your sudden vulnerability as you try to brush off the attentions of waiting staff. Trying to take food orders and restock the condiments.
“Place the panties inside your handbag.”
You are shocked by how direct and precise my commands are. You are even more electrified by how quickly you find yourself responding.
“Cross your legs.”
The heat is almost unbearable now.
“Rub your inner thighs together.”
The top of your skin is becoming slick from this friction. You can already feel the your juices threatening to boil over. You have been thinking about the past two nights. All the fun we have been having. The wetness has been building deep inside of you all day. It is almost as if I can sense this.
“Spread your legs wide apart.”
You ache to continue rocking back and forth. A few more firm rubs is all it will take to push you over the edge. You realize that any kind of resistance is futile. You cannot help but extend your legs all of the way outward as far as the table will allow.
There is so much that you can feel right now. You can feel your outer lips stretch with the sensual strain. They yearn to envelope every single inch of my throbbing cock. I bet that your inner lips are almost shuddering right now with the thought of receiving me. You can feel the tip of your extended clitoris start to shiver. It is just trembling with all of the sexy anticipation of this moment. You can feel the wetness seeping outward from your throbbing tunnel. You start to wonder if your juices will soak all the way through the chair. Each moment is making you feel that much more open and exposed.
Suddenly there is nothing left to wonder. I have walked into the pub, calling at the bar to get a drink I am sat next to. My suited body close to yours. I move pulling your skirt up and my trousers rubbing against your thigh. I reach over to your hand bag and remove your knickers, putting them in my pocket. And then letting my hand rest in your lap. I can feel your grinding, Trying to get my fingers to rub against your clit. I stroke and tease your thighs. Your legs have never felt this light. Your inner passage is nothing more than a pool of liquid lust.

Your mind is racing and your body convulsing to my lightest touch along your thighs. I finish my drink and tell you not to flinch as I grip your clit hard and twist. You buckle slightly at the sudden pain but the pleasure that overwhelms you as I let go makes you slump against me. Your clit, already wet and warm is now practically burning. I smile that evil smile that you have grown to love knowing that it means I am going to do something that will be special. I reach into my glass and take out a number of the ice-cubes and quickly push them deep inside of you. You gasp quietly as the cooling wetness eases into you.
I get up and go to leave, placing a piece of paper inside of your hand. You find yourself grasping onto it. Desperate to trap anything of mine as your own. The note is very specific and yet so eager.

You find yourself looking back at the messages. You are unable to get them off your mind. They have been coming in steadily, making your cunt get hotter and wetter. Getting wetter!! You remember the ice in your cunt and think that it must be melting. You try and move your skirt slightly so the leaking water washing your cunt juice out of you doesn’t stain your skirt. Ever since I put the crumpled paper within your hand. A promissory note unlike any you have received before. The latest message is just coming in now.
“Keep your legs spread wide apart.”
I want for the anticipation to continue to build. I need for you to soak in your sexiness just a little bit longer. You so want to close yourself up a bit not necessarily to hide away but to keep how horny you are feeling something for your to know and for me to find out, But as you sit there with your legs apart you feel your outer lips continue to open. Like the petals of the most fragrant flower. You note how delicious you must look. Dressed in the most proper business clothes and completely covered up on top. Yet totally and shamelessly exposed down below. Underneath the slight barrier of your skirt. Awaiting for the beckoning climax.
Your arousal is something that you are no longer even in control of. You can feel the wetness completely clinging to every single corner of your congested lips. T he time to leave the bar has finally come. Slowly you feel yourself standing, the warmth of your cum and the coolness of the molten ice oozing out of you and down your thigh. Praying and gripping your inner muscles to try and stop any ice that’s left from dropping out as you walk across the bar.

Standing in the back alley, suddenly a security light comes on straight into your face. A hand grabs your hair and pulls your head back. I unzip my flies and push you forward over a bin, kicking your legs apart. Its one of those large wheelie bins that I have you pinned against, something that the americans call a dumpster. You have always considered them to be big. Yet with me looming over you in the alley it might as well not even be there. That is how large I appear to be.
It is as if all of me surrounds everything. I lean all of the way over you. My confidence is complete.
Suddenly I pull that skimpy slip of silk that you called knickers out of my pocket. I push the wetness into your mouth.
“Lift your skirt”.
You have never done anything so swiftly in your entire life. There is a sudden silence. You move. I am moistening the tip of my finger with my tongue. You feel the sudden shivers against your skin.
You feel me reach underneath your skirt. You cannot help but moan out loud. A poised and determined finger immediately finds the tip of your trembling clitoris.
“You must not make a single sound”. This is totally un-necessary as the dampness from your cunt earlier emissions were already on your tongue,
The finger presses downward against you. You start to sway back and forth.
“Don’t move”.
You can feel the pinnacle of your pleasure pearl continue to swell and stiffen. Finally its completely tightened.
“Bear down against me”.
You can feel your inner lips start to clench and release. Offering me all of your throbbing tunnel. A passageway to pleasure. You are becoming desperate to feel something inside of you. Yet still my finger is as steady as my confidence.
"Push your clit all the way outward”.
You feel yourself start to lift upward.
You don’t know how much more of this you can stand.
“Give me your clit”.
“Take it! For god’s sake, TAKE it!” you mumble through the silk
Wetness is just pouring out of you. Your inner lips have become a fountain. You feel almost faint with pleasure. I am determined to completely break you down.
“GIVE it to me!” the cry, almost a plea was just about discernible.
You are amazed that it is only one of my fingers that I have been using. Just one finger. One smooth and determined finger. Pressing downward. Still and steady against the most sensitive part of your swollen slit. A finger that is threatening to take you over the edge. The pad of my finger continues to rest.
"Oh… GOD!”

The next day you open your email to find a message that I have forwarded to you. “Something that I found on the internet that you might like………”. With ehe message is an attachment, a video clip from a security camera. A girl being pushed over a bin and being used. But why does her jacket look so familiar and why is your cunt getting SO wet watching it?

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