Night Out

After swapping emails for while and spending a few nights on skype and the phone we decide that we are going to meet up in the flesh to have a night out on the town, see how things go and then probably spend the night together.  After we have made the initial arrangements our texts, emails and calls become more and more explicit.  Eventually you send me a clip of you trying on some lingerie in a department store changing room with a note saying “I got you a present for our night out, this is just the wrapping!!”. 

“Wow” I think as I watch you slide the small thong up your thighs and see it nestle it between your arse cheeks, as the lacy bra pushes up and caresses your breasts.  My fingers getting itchy as they get more and more jealous of the soft fabric as it encases and supports you.  

After spending some time watching your clip and photos (and well I guess you can figure out what I did!!) I start wracking my brains about what to get you as a bit of a pressie.  I eventually figure it out and go online and order it for you.

You ring me up, wanting to know why a small parcel has come to your place addressed to me.  I tell you to bring it with you to the bar tonight but not to open it until you are on your way.

You are sat on the train on the way into town to meet me when you remember the package and take it out of your bag.  You open it and almost immediately drop the contents back into your bag to hide it from view of the other passengers.   You go to the trains toilet and call my phone from there.

“OK what we up to then?” you ask rolling the pink plastic egg in your hand,

“Have you opened the parcel?” I ask you, when you reply “good now twist it and turn it on, I have the other half and as you get closer to me it will vibrate more, each time I text you will know.  Now I want to hear you play with your pussy and get yourself nice and wet and push the egg into you”

I can her the clickety clack of the train and the soft moans you are making as your fingers roam over your clit and push into your pussy, sliding in and out.  Suddenly it goes quiet and your breathing gets heavier, I can imagine the dampness on your fingers getting wetter and your pussy starting to clench around them.   “Don’t forget to insert the egg sexy”  The low moan I hear as you push the egg into yourself.

Your train arrives and as you step off onto the platform your phone goes and you feel a throbbing deep inside of you as the egg vibrates in time with your phone.  For some reason it takes you a surprisingly long time to answer.  When you do answer you sound surprisingly out of breath, something which makes me smile at my end.  I tell you the name of the bar that I am going to meet you in and tell you to grab a cab,

As you enter the bar you ring me and ask me where I am.  I remind you that the egg will react to how close you are to me, so come find me.  The club has two bars with a large dance floor next to the lower one in the basement.  So starts the game of cat and mouse, me watching you and moving around the bar, you stalking me only able to tell approximately how close to me I am by the intensity of sensations in your pussy.  Eventually I take pity on you and walking up behind you I stop, watching you stop and lean against a table.  A guy walks past and asks if you are ok, panting you wave him away and I guess that the egg must be really going for it given how close I am to you now.  I can watch your breast heaving as I step up right behind you, so close I can whisper in your ear.  I can feel you trembling as I place my hands on your thighs, you push your arse back against me and my cock rapidly hardens against you as you gyrate against me in time to the thumping bass.  My fingers sliding up and down your silky thighs, pulling your skirt up slightly.  My lips nibbling your ear lobe and all the time the egg throbbing and vibrating inside you like a drill trying to get out.  My hand reaches up and cups your breast through your top and the bra.  Watching ourselves in the mirror in front of us as my the tips of my fingers scrape across the damp fabric of your panties,

“I will go to the bar and get us some drinks” I say.  When I get back with a couple of shots of vodka you aren’t there but I needn’t worry as I feel a hand go into my pocket and then reach around me.  You are standing there dangling the eggs into the glass of vodka.  “Do you think that that will have cleaned them?” you ask letting them go and picking up the other glass and downing the shot.  I remove the still violently vibrating golf ball sized pleasure givers and swill the ice cold vodka in my mouth,  The cold burn of the alcohol subtly tinted with the strands of your cum.   A wondrous taste. 

You grab my hand and we walk for the door as I put my hand in my pocket and feel your warm damp silky lacy panties in my pocket, smiling knowing what I intend to do with them........


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