At The Swimming Pool

After swimming and watching each other shower, even helping each other wash each down we go into a small changing cubicle.  There isn’t a huge amount of room in the cubicle.  We are pushed up close to each other.  I put my arms around you, you do the same and your hands are caressing my arse through my trunks.  Your breasts pushing against me, my hands roaming from the nape of your neck down to your bum and back up again.  Stroking your skin, feeling your cheek rest on my shoulder.

Suddenly we hear somebody enter the cubicle next to us and start to get change.

I slowly run my fingers up your thighs letting my nails scrape across your inner thighs as I kiss and nibble your shoulders.  My fingers stroking over your crotch caressing the opaque tiny cloth triangle pulled tight over your love mound smoothing the soft smooth material over your bum.  My fingers sliding up and back over and around your waist slowly pulling on the ties on your hips and pulling the material from through your legs. 

My lips kissing yours as I cradle your head, my fingers running through your hair as I slightly nibble your lips and start my way down your neck.  You throw your head back and let out a stifled moan as I place a finger over your lips to try and keep you quiet so the person next door doesn’t hear whilst I kiss and nibble your neck, working up your throat and running my tongue over the jutting angular protrusion that is your jaw bone.  My flesh tasting you as I work up your face until I suck and again bite your ear lobes.

Your hands that have been roaming over my body, stroking my chest and down over my cock, squeezing it and rolling it in your palm. , Meanwhile my fingers nestle down the crevice of your bum, stroking it up and down my fingers tracing over your arse and down to the base of your pussy.  Where I rotate a finger or two and rest my hand just under your buttock so it nestles just under your gentle curves as my fingers work you. 

My lips still kissing, licking and sucking you.

You take a slight step and reach behind you, your bikini top swings loose from you.  You pull it up over your head and I stand there for a few moments just taking in the beauty of you standing there in front of me naked.

My already stiff cock, is throbbing and desperate for some attention as you kneel down in front of me.  Your hands are cupping your breasts, massaging them, as you wrap the soft yielding warm flesh around my dick.  Bobbing up and down, encouraging me to fuck your tits.  As I push up and against you, you can hear my breathing get more rapid.  You open your mouth and flick the tip of my cock with your tongue.  I look down and watch my dick disappear between your tits, remerge and the smile on your face as your tongue licks me before my dick disappears again between your tits.

You reach up to my panting mouth, your fingers tracing over my lips.  I lick your fingers and I can taste your cunt juice on your fingers, the taste is amazing and makes me so want to swap places and use my tongue to push into you, to tease your clit.

You stand and kiss me, the slight saltiness of my precum on your lips as I hungrily devour your mouth.  My fingers stroking your bum cleft as you open your legs letting my fingers probe against your cunt, you wriggle slightly and my finger slides into you slightly.

I kiss down your neck, slowly taking a nipple into my mouth and suckling on your breast whilst rolling the other in my fingers and squeezing the flesh that so recently was wrapped around my dick.  I swap over, taking the other nipple in my mouth sucking hard.  Feeling the slight engorgement against my tongue as your nipples stand hard up.

Still holding your bum my fingers pushing deeper into I kiss further down your stomach.  You spread your legs more and sit down on the bench and wrap your legs around my head and pull me towards you.  As I lick and lap at you, your breathing gets heavier and deeper. 

I feel you start to shake against me, the juices flowing fast from you over my face.

BANG! BANG! “are you ok?” says a voice on the other side of the cubicle,

“er yes thanks I’m just an asthmatic” you reply as your orgasm hits you and makes your breathing even shorter.  I stand up and kiss you to stop you from actually screaming.

A hand reaches under the cubicle wall with an inhaler, making you laugh slightly as you play with my balls.

We decide we had best go, so we get dressed.  You don’t bother with a bra and with a final flourish of your wrist I cum all over your tits and I watch as it drips over you and you pull your tee shirt down over your spunk dampened tits as we leave.

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