My First Ever Swing


Whilst it had taken my husband almost six months to come to a decision, I did know the result would be an assiduous approach; he's never been controlling in other aspects of our life, I felt secure this would extend to my new initiative: 'recreational sex.' Thus as we arrived at the Swinging Club we'd agreed to start at I felt more confident than I'd expected. I was sustained by knowing the love of my life was now fully committed to supporting me in this exciting lifestyle. I'd used skiing as the benchmark, a thrilling Physical Sport, with few mind games and no psychological impediments. Fortunately my husbands vocation gives him a better understanding of what had driven me to ask if we, or rather I, could try swinging. Here we were at the gates of the club, tucked away in narrow lanes in the Kent countryside. As the gates opened and we drove down the narrow track towards the Club, hidden in this sylvan setting, my heart did start to pump with excitement. My husband sensing this, took hold of my hand as he steered the car slowly along a single track road. Soon we came to a gap, or opening in the hedge at the edge of the wood, there saw the buildings & car park filled with expensive cars. Why expensive cars should reassure me I've no idea, I know perfectly well they're no guide to how urbane or civility of their owners.  Yet the site of quality car marques indeed reassured me, yet I'm not at all mercenary and never ever judge people by their status, so why I was reasurred by the cars I don't know.


We parked, I took a few moments to see to my make-up, perhaps this was nerves more than just vanity, anyway it gave us a few moments of silence and it seemed appropriate. My husband always comes round to open the car door somehow this seemed important at the time. I wore a light coloured business suit, as if I had come from a Board meeting, perhaps I needed to look more executive for my purposes? Nevertheless as I was totally naked underneath it did serve as a horny look and I knew that. My husband got our cases from the boot, we made our way to the Club House on this bright early summers evening with me holing my husbands hand, as if we were newly-weds. At reception we gave just our 1st names that was it we were shown to a Caravan at the back of the Clubhouse Spa this also served as a way for the tall blond lady to show us some of the club, said she'd  arrange a tour of the entire premisses if we wished. I said: “we'll explore, for now if we can dump our stuff and return for a coffee that will be good.” The statuesque and entirely elegant blond said “that's an ideal way, as its is your first visit to a swingers Venue, ease yourself in gently. As soon as the tall blond left the Caravan, or mobile home maybe a better description as it was luxury my husband took me in his arms we kissed warmly. I said apropos of nothing, “you can still say no, I will obey you. He shook his head, I knew he was secure. Having only seen to my make up minutes earlier I needn't really need to touch it again but I did. Then out of the Caravan, to the Club House passing through the Spa Facilities with 2 jacuzzi occupied by mostly men in one and Couples in the other, we were back in the lounge to have coffee.


Sitting at a table next to what would be a discotheque dance floor, I realised everyone else was close to naked whereas I was in an albeit lightweight suit. As my husband arrived with the coffees I stood up and with a word passing between us, he helped me out of my jacked, revealing my naked top. As I went to sit my husband took my arm and after a brief hesitation unzipped my skirt, which fell to the floor and I delicately as possible stepped out of it. Totally naked except for my stilettos none of of the other people in the Club House was actually naked, I drank coffee feeling more than a twinge of excitement. My husband fully dressed didn't say a word, I was loath to break the exquisite silence and savour the moment. I didn't have too long to savour it because two young guys, maybe 25 or so, came over to our table introduced themselves to my husband and he brought me quite formally into the conversation. They addressed my husband, asking if they could be allowed to complement him on having such a beautiful wife, at the same time apologising if that appeared clichéd. Both guys remained standing as we hadn't indicated that they should join us at our table and went on to ask if they would be allowed to dance with me later on when the party got going. My husband explained it was entirely up to me, as I made all my own decisions. So turning to me one asked if he may ask me to dance later that evening. I said something about how wonderfully polite they were, adding that I was at least double their age, were they sure I was the right lady to be paying so much attention to? They in harmony said very much so, that they'd never come across such a beautiful woman before and they were sure I was much older than they were anyway. I asked their ages and they confirmed they were both 21 years. I smiled and asked what their modus operandi was so far as chatting naked naked ladies up at a Club such as this. They stumbled over their words each trying to get something intelligent out and both failing. I explained I'd never been to such a Club before so wanted to know what the protocols were, they responded by saying they'd been to this club on one previous occasion but hadn't as yet become au-fait with protocols but had somehow plucked up the courage to speak to us because I looked so special; well they would say that wouldn't they. I looked at my husband, I am sure I got a nod or knowing look but later he said he was completely neutral, giving no signal at all. I asked if they'd like to come back to our caravan with us now and not wait till later? Both said they would be honoured or some similar old fashioned polite response. I stood up and reached out for my husbands hand, he said, its a special occasion darling, you go ahead I'll be nearby if you need me. I walked from the Lounge of Clubhouse main room, with the guys in tow, past the statuesque blond, who gave me the most knowing look imaginable. Through the Spa Area and into the Caravan with 2 in minutes after arriving must have looked really cool, truth was I felt secure or slightly empowered as I was doing what I had come for without any of the hassle or awkwardness I had imagines when I envisaged this moment previously.


In the caravan I lay back on the bed as provocatively, as obvious sexual as I could manage, it wasn't a moment for subtleties. The guys seemed to strip out of their casual clothe sin seconds, true to any pornographic video they were both massively well endowed, what were the odds of that I thought? Both were about 8” or maybe more and with extremely thick girths, later I'd come to understand it was mostly well endowed guys who populate the recreational-sex scene, they have more confidence and are therefore far more likely to experiment and try such avenues, compared to normal or natural sized guys. Whilst it axiomatic, size really doesn't matter to women, it does matter to men and for me it seemed fitting that the first two guys to fuck me were exceptionally well endowed.


The actually asked me what to do, I pointed to the cock of the one that appeared less dominant and opened my legs. He mounted me and placing the head of his huge cock at the entrance of my vagina I needed to tell him to push in, he did. I indicated that the other one should come to my head so that as the quieter one fucked me, I sucked the more confident ones cock. After seconds the guy fucking me said: “of Christ I'm cumming” I said yes, yes, yes cum cum in me, he did. It couldn't have been as long as a minute, or at least that's how it seemed to me but he had ejaculated inside me and now I having released his friends cock from my mouth to encourage his friend, he was in a position to go up me the second the first guy pulled out. He was altogether more forceful, I asked him to go for speed, rather than hard thrusting and he quickly adjusted. Then he too was approaching his climax in what couldn't have been more than three or four minutes.


I noted the first guy was still hard, so invited him back in again, he seemed to relish chance to make good for his premature ejaculation. This time learning from his friends mistake, he didn't thrust hard and instead concentrated entirely on how fast he could pelvic pump in me. Now it was my turn, as it seemed only minutes, I was approaching an orgasm. I'm not usually vocal but completely unplanned I screamed out that I was cumming, the young guy seemed to find even faster pace of pelvic thrusts, as I felt a mighty orgasm rushing through my loins. The shyer guy pulled out, not to shyly wanked himself off, within moments he was shooting his load over my body. Once more no hesitation from the confident one, he was up me in seconds after his friend ejaculated, unlike his friend he fucked me hard and I felt disinclined to ask him to concentrate on pelvic thrust speed. He too soon shot his load but inside me and he grimaced as if in pain as he did so.


We lay silent and I heard a familiar knock on the Caravan door, obviously my husband had been at hand, so knew I had commenced my new lifestyle. He invited the statuesque blond into the caravan, before I could feel resentment at this she explained she knew young guys there who were great sex machines and would I like her to bring some along? I asked: “right now” and she nodded, I said yes.

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