Meeting My Mistress

The day finally arrives, At last i get to meet Mistress Eve. We have spoken lots on the internet but never by phone or meet in person. I have looked forward to this day with great anticipation. The last e-mail i got from Mistress Eve told me that i was to be in the trafford centre for lunch time and to sit on a bench outside of NEXT. She would then meet me there, I wait at said location looking forward to meeting Miss. Half an hour goes by and still no sign maybe this is a test of some kind, then my phone goes off with a text mge. It instructs me to go to the information kiosk and pick up an envelope with my name on. This i do as i walk to the kiosk im looking around to see if i can get a glimpise of Mistress but there is no sign. I open the envelope and sit down to read it. It says "well done slave you have passed your 1st test you are now to go round the following shops and buy what is listed below for my use. be quick as you only have a limited time. Once you have all the items you are to go to car park B level -1 and wait in the far left hand corner. quickly now you have 30 mins from when yo opened this letter". i quickly spin round to see if Mistress is in site but still no sign. i quickly run round the shops on the list picking up what you have asked for. As i leave the last shop i get another text mge "you are doing well slave you have everything on the list. now hurry you have 5 mins left". I enter the car park and head in the direction the letter told me to. I hear the sound of heels some distance behind me there is no one else in the car park and it is very badly lite. As i go to turn round my phone goes off again. The mge reads "Do not turn round i have you in my sights. continue to the corner of the car park and enter the stair well. Do not go up the stairs you are to go under the stair well and face the wall" the temptation to turn round and look is overwhelming but i do as intructed. I enter the stair well and go under the stairs and face the wall. I can hear the heels in the car park still but they stop not far from the door to the stairs. i can hear the heels walking round a car nearby. I continue to look at the wall. then the door flies open and the heels enter the room. " on you knees slave hands above your head DO NOT TURN AROUND" Mistress tells me my hands are then pulled behind my back and handcuffed be for i can say anything a ball gag is placed in my mouth and a hood over my head. Mistress then instructs me to stand and she leads me back into the car park. I hear the beep beep of the central locking open a car. Stand there dont move Mistress instructs me. i dont move a muscule. im then thrown in to the boot of a car. Before Mistress closes the boot she whisperes in my ear. " you have pleased me so far slave lets hope that you ccontinue to" with that the boot was closed and Mistress got in to the car. As we left the car park Mistress hit every speed bump just to make it more uncomfortable for me. We drove for a round 45 mins and finally the car stopped i heard the sound of a garage open and the car was then driven into it. Mistress then closed the garage and opened the boot of the car instruting me to get out. Mistress then placed a collar around my neck and placed what sounded like a padlock on to it. She then attached a leash to the collar and tugged on it for me to follow her. I was lead through parts of a house and then down some stairs. I heard the sound of a metal door opening and was lead inside. Mistress then told me she was going to take the cuffs off and that i was to strip naked. As i was released i hurriedly stripped as best i could as i could not see through the hood. Mistress watched and laughed as i tried to undress with out falling over. Once Undressd Mistress took my clothes away and asked if i was enjoying myself to which she then said dont try an speak i can see that you are. Im going to tie you to my cross for now she said as i need to go and inspect the items you brought on the list i gave you. if anything is the wrong soze or does not fit i will punish you more than i already plan to. Nod if you understand me. To which i did. Godd she said as she tugged on the lead and lead me across the room. I was then secured to the cross. Mistress said to my ear i will return to you when im ready to have some fun she you later slave. All i then heard was the clip of Mistresses heels as she walked towards the door closing it behind her.


I was know alone in what i guessed was the basement of Mistress home. I had been left hooded, gagged, a locked collar around my neck an retrained to the wall by chains at both my hands and my feet. I was not sure when Mistress would return and tried to make myself as comfy as i could but miss had the chains at such angles that it was hard to find a comfy position.
Eventually Mistress returned i heard the shond of her heels on the stone floor then the large metal door opened. She said “ i hope you are well slave i have just emptied you shopping back and it seems you have done very well everything seems to be the correct size. But i will shortly be going back up stairs to try it all on before i return to start your training. But before i go im going to remove you gag. You are not to speak though do you understand” i then nodded. Mistress then removed the gag from my mouth. “ So far slave you have pleased me and im very happy with you im now going to place some waited nipple clamps on to you though. Although i will be kind i will place a string from them into you mouth which will allow you to take the wait off your nipples. Although should it fall from you mouth not only will you then have all the weight on you nipples i shall give you 10 strokes with the new cane you have brought for me. Mistress then placed the cord in to my mouth and turned on her heels and walked back up the stairs although not closing the door this time. I could hear the rustle of Mistress empty ing the bags upstairs but as i strained to hear the cord slipped a little in my mouth. Mistress new that as i struggled to hear her the cord would move i bit down as best i could. I heard Mistress playing with the restraints that i had early brought and her swishing the cane in the air followed by a giggle.
After an hour Mistress returned i could hear her coming from a greater distance now as the door was open. Mistress congratulated me on not dropping the cord and removed the clamps from my nipples. It was a great relif although still painful when they where removed. Mistress said that i had done very well with the list of things i had to buy as it all fitted her perfectly ( the list for her had been a black basque and thong set, some silk hold up stockings and some high heeled shoes). She said she really liked the 5inch metal heel shoes i had brought and as a treat i was now allowed to clean them for her. She the n released my feet from the chains on the wall before placeing a spreader bar on to me in its place. I was then told to kneel once my hands were released. Mistress then cuffed my hands behind me again. The lead was once again attached as i was tugged across the room i waddled as best i could on my knees to keep up with Mistress. I was then told to stop and i heard Mistress sit down. The cane was then placed on my shoulder and it guided me to Mistresses shoes. She instructed me to lick them clean with my tonuge. Once i had done this Mistress told me that i was to recive 20 strokes from here new cane to make sure that it was up to the task. I was then told to stand and Mistress placed me over the back of a chair. I was told i had to say thank you Mistress after each stroke failing to do so would incur an extra stroke. As i lay bent over the chair i could hear Mistress swishing the cane around in the air, Then came the 1st stroke 1 ty Mistress i said this continued all the way to 17 but by now i was griting my teeth and missed 18 and 19 so finally i ended with 22 strokes from Mistress. I was then told to kneel once again. Mistress informed me that i was doing well in my 1stday of training and that she had high hopes for me. I was now going to be tested in a different way. Im going to open you hood at the mouth slave and you are going to pleasure me with your tongue do you understand. I nodded yes. Mistress removed the poppers from across my hood allowing my mouth to get out. She guided my head towards her she smelt so sweet i longed to taste her. I was then told to begin i started to lap away at Mistress all the time she had hold of my hood pushing me deeper in to her.She started to cum and i was told to continue on i carried on as told an Mistress came again and agin in all she came 5 times. I was then told to lower my head to her feet again. Mistress regained herself and tugged on my leash. As we walked across the room i was told i had passed her tests and that i would be allowed to serve her more often. I was told i would stay the night but i would be locked in the cage until the morning when i would be released and i would be allowed to see my new Mistress with my own eyes for the 1st time.


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