How I first got into swinging.

How do we 1st get into swinging, the mental process’s must be most complex.

Apparently the largest percentage come from husbands slowly convincing their wives. Once in the scene, wives enjoy it as much as their husbands. In my case I needed to convince my husband. I’ve been over sexed for all my adult life, a combination of a Doctor Husband and a good stock of vibrators, had kept me faithful for 30 years. However as my youngest was now at University I decided to put it to my husband, he gave careful thought  for a few weeks, eventually agreed provided it remained my sport, he didnt have to play.
My 1st ever visit to a swingers club was 3 years ago now. I was nervous as I arrived in a long white Tee-Shirt Dress, which covered everything but clung to the body, whilst not being see thru it revealed shapes underneath and I wasn’t wearing any underwear, not even a G-String (photos of me in this dress are in my galery her at erolife).
My husband went to the bar. Whilst he was away I sat in a chair that looks like giant hand. I was approached by the proprietor he introduced himself as Brian, he informed me this was Naked Lady Night and that I should remove my dress immediately. I don’t know if it was shock or the innate exhibitionist in me but I complied with his request and removed my dress. At that moment my husband returned in time to capture it all on camera. Those pictures are in my galleries here at erolife. I sat there totally naked, didn’t  feel the least bit awkward or strange. I was approached by a guy, who asked my husband's permission to ask me to dance, in the excellent discotheque. I was dancing naked with a fully dressed young guy but there were other naked ladies. The Disc Jockey played slower numbers, the lights dimmed even more than the low lighting that existed previously. The young guy fondled me most intimately and I offered no resistance. As lights came up and the music quickened, I returned to my husband. He was in conversation with others, he introduced me saying it was my first ever such event, other wives in the group were dressed to some extent, whereas I was totally naked, and this was my first ever visit to a swingers club.    
After a while I asked my husband to go walk-about, check the club out. He suggested I go on my own, see how it went. I strolled down a corridor with rooms off to the left and right, at the end a ladies toilet I went in tand freshened up. Back along this corridor a crowd had assembled in a room where a bed was in a sort of cage. An attractive lady was in the cage with four guys. I watched her take on the 4 guys with complete ease. I half sat/stood using a high rail seat. This meant my legs were fully extended but this rail-seat gave me balance as I watched the sex scene in the caged area. I had not swung or done anything like this before, yet there I was naked sit/standing watching a lady take on the four guys.
After a short time a really great looking kid/guy of about 18 maybe20 stood  in front of me. I couldn’t see the show, I nudged him to move. He turned and saw me sit/standing there. Without any words at all he removed his top, his shoes socks, eventually his jeans and underpants to reveal a great body but with this massively oversized penis. I’ d never even imagined anything so huge ever before and yet I had seen porn videos enough times.
I was naked sit/standing my legs parted, so when he had a condom on he simply placed a hand behind my back pulled me towards him as he slid his thick cock  up int my pussy. I offered no resistance. He fucked me amongst the crowds watching the lady in the cage with the four guys. He wasn't only huge, he had very rapid pelvic thrust movement, no hesitations or breaks, his cock sped in and out piston-like. From this I knew he couldn’t be British our guys still in the dark ages of ‘make it last longer’ few understand the need for pelvic thrust speed.
By now guys were holding on to me, so I didn’t fall, as the kid fucked me. Funnily enough whilst these guys were helping me balance, they were holding onto erogenous zones: breasts bum etc. I was rushing to orgasm as the young guy started to moan, I came spot on with him a mighty climax it was. He pulled out removed his condom. We moved out into the corridor where I went down and sucked the last of his cum from a massive cock.
I made my way back to the bar and joined my husband and the group he was chatting to. “Are you ok” he asked. I immediately told him I’d just had sex. A look of disbelief on his face showed him almost as amazed at my behaviour as I was at my own. Someone in the group asked if it was safe-sex, I said yes. My husband took me in his arms and gave me a big hug, then cuddled me.  I asked for reassurance that it was all OK, he gave me the support I needed. I’d found the sport or recreation I must have been seeking all my  life, NSA sex or recreational-sex where having sex is a sport not emotional commitment.

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