(Part 2) Night of the actual session, après Photo-shoot

As Friday April 27th was a rainy night, ideas of posing for photos outdoors were therefore abandoned. Also the Indoor Swimming Pool was too well heated, too humid for a camera lens, unless we wanted steamy pictures of the wrong sort, not 'steamy' in an erotic sense. Therefore we were restricted to the ballroom super-sized lounge where the Discotheque was located. The photographer suggested a continuous shot sequence, rather than a stop start posing for shots session. This he hoped to produce better pictures, also take less time, so as not inconvenience other party goers. I entered through the French windows and strolled across to the sofa area to pose and go through various actions, such as removing what little clothing I had on. The room was half full of people, which meant most of the early bird party goers had decided to leave the dining room, kitchen and locations people congregate in early at parties. The DJ had not started playing dance music: Thus  I was reassured I wasn’t ’getting in people faces’ posing. I went through a routine as suggested. The entire session lasted about 30min and worked as a sort of early evening cabaret, those watching giving advice on how I should pose.

Once I was naked the photographer had no need to give direction, all those were coming from 30 or so attendees women in particular who were calling out direction suggesting positions. Where it was a female voice I decided to immediately accept direction, if a mans voice I ignored it. One lady after another made suggestions, I happily went with those. Men went quiet, only female voices were heard. It wasn’t so long before ladies were telling me to open my legs, 'show more.' I feigned not to understand so two ladies came from the audience to position my legs. That meant I was legs akimbo, it is not easy to show everything and look the least bit demure. A female voice called out: “don’t look at the camera, look to one side & down, as if you’re reluctant to show everything, I did as she directed. The camera was now on motor drive, clearly its was what the camera-man wanted; the ladies in the audience were doing the difficult job for him, I quickly responded to them  

I thought open leg posing had gone on long enough but the lady who’d told me how to look reluctant when first holding my legs apart, then suggested I go through other positions & continued suggesting how I position my body. We probably had 10/15mins of me simply showing everything I’ve got. The live audience didn’t disperse at all, I went on as long as the lady kept up her instructions. Then my husband came over, putting an end to that part of the session. The hardcore stuff could be done upstairs in the playrooms.      

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