(Part one) Audience for a Photo-session.

Early in the evening Friday April 27th I've obtained permission to undertake a Glamour Photo-session at Radlett, the rather elegant house in Hertfordshire. The Photographer is a BBC Cameraman who takes stills of the Actors and celebrities.
The idea is a simple one; prior to the party getting busy, or people thinking in terms of being naughty, I'll use the beautiful space and elegant furnishings as a studio. A photographer can set up lighting in locations throughout the House and then direct me as they feel is the best. Result: the early birds get to watch a live Glamour-shoot, even if the model is older than one would expect. That's if they choose to, the house is large enough for anyone who doesn't want to see a naked woman posing for photographs, not to have to. The photographer can select locations that aren't busy, in the earlier part of the evening, to minimise inconvenience to others. From my viewpoint: I hope for better photos than my husband is able to snap with his small phone camera, those are all I have in my albums, at this moment. 

I’ll report back in this location après Photo-shoot to report roblems & or any matters arising from this opportunity,  which has been set-up with the Hosts and Photographers agreement.    kiss

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