An alternative to Dogging up a muddy Dirt Track.

I understand many people get a thrill out of dogging, well from exhibitors viewpoint at least. What puts me off are the locations, often dreary car-parks, lovers-lanes, satanic woodlands.
However I’ve found a perfect alternative, all the thrills of having sex in front of an audience, more discerning than at so called dogging sites but without the dreary locations, real and present dangers from extreme or unbalanced people, not to mention visits from the Police
Its at Hellfire Sunbury-on-Thames. Peter the owner acquired a large American Recreational Vehicle, fitted out for the recreation of fucking. Its large windows, open doors front and back provide  perfect viewing for voyeurs with interior lighting, lovers inside can adjust to whatever level suits them. I've had all interior lights on, when I’ve played in it, which is 5 evenings now.
I’ve had sex with several guys on each occasion, all of whome were young and athletic. It provides for a better show for those watching from the front doors, huge side windows, as well as open door at the back. There’s room for guys to wait as previous guys have sex with me, ready & then take over the moment a previous guys finishes. Interior soft & comfortable enough for sex.  I’m assiduous removing used condoms, so its fit for purpose for whichever next couple may wish to use the facility for dogging without the mud, cold and weirdoes, who frequent dogging locations.  Highly recomended for exhibitionists and all Doggers/Voyeurs.      

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