A Dress sends out messages that I'm concupiscent.

I have a dress made in Georgette Silk with tiny sequins. Result is in certain light conditions its almost totally invisible, in a majority of light conditions its entirely proper, not at all transparent. It has a lining fitted separately that can be worn or not, but I've never chosen to wear this dress with its lining.

On a Cruise during 2011, we decided to go to the Crows Nest Discotheque after dinner. I asked my husband if I could go back to our suite to change into the 'invisible' dress. It has a shawl in the same fabric, if the shawl is worn over a dress, the dress suddenly isn’t see-through, its perfectly proper.

We made our way from Suite to the Discotheque using the shawl to convert the near invisible dress. Once inside the Discotheque in subdued lighting, I would remove the shawl and let the dress do whatever the lighting dictated.

As we arrived the Club was full with a long que, before my husband could say: I’m not queuing, the Host or Social Officer called to us saying: ‘you're on the VIP list let me take you to your table.' We were on no list, this was simply a quick witted Social Officer filtering who entered. A table became available and we soon found ourselves in a prime position. I assumed my shawl hadn’t fooled the Host Officer, that was the reason he pulled us from the back of the queue. Within a matter of minutes which is unusual for such places, a young guy came over and asked if he could invite me to dance? My husband said: 'yes but not right now, let us have a drink together first'. My husband assured me the dress wasn’t see-through in that lighting, nor had it been outside the Discotheque entrance, as we were given VIP status.

It wasn’t long before the young guy came back, this time I was allowed to dance. The dance floor was crowded, air conditioning took care of a usual problem one encounters on crowded dance floors. As everyone danced so close together, invisibility of my dress wasn’t an issue, no one could see it.

However no more than 4mins dancing slow with this young guy and he had his hands up my dress, aware that I wasn’t wearing a G-String. He quickly took full advantage; unzipped his fly to release his not inconsiderable cock. This was within so short a time period, not long after we’d arrived in the Discotheque. He rolled a condom on lifted my dress at the front and guided his cock between my legs. Goodness knows why I wasn’t  alarmed  at all as he guided his cock inside my wet and wanton vagina. He proceeded to shag me in the middle of the crowded dance floor. The situation; his good looks; the massive size of his endowment; the fact he had short fast pelvic thrusts; meant I was approaching an orgasm in indecent haste. As I felt my orgasm well-up powerfully, I heard the young guy moaning loudly in my ear that he was coming. I didn’t feel a twitch or similar from his cock. Soon I was aware how wet my orgasm had been, I must have squirted when I climaxed

He produced a handkerchief (rare thing) placing it between my thighs at the groin. I said: 'I’ll go to a restroom, explain to my husband what’s happened, so he’ll know what I’m going to the loo for. Back at our table, my husband again reassured me the dress wasn’t see through, in fairness if it is, women always react letting me know in no uncertain terms, so I felt it must be ok.

For the rest of that evening I was continuously asked to dance, where I felt it was ok, I continued having safe-sex as I danced with guys throughout the evening. This wasn’t a swing cruise and yet I was easy virtue for complete strangers, as so many young guys asked me to dance. Of course only a few  got to fuck me as they had condoms but considering it was a 6star ship; the fact I was fucked at all in a Discotheque, was simply amazing, if not sureal.

The dress we now refer to as invisible must have had an affect or effect on me, I may have sent out signs or chemical signals that I was a swinger or at least a Libertine. For the rest of that Cruise nothing like it happened again,  yet I sunbathed naked almost all the time. Maybe its to do with a dress and the way I change body language, or release pheromones that let guys know I'm available for NSA recreational sex, it happens every time in this dress.  

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