If God invented anything better, she kept that to herself!

My husband & I were invited to an experimental Dinner Bed & Breakfast event, organised by a lady host. A small Manor House or large Cottage, so stylish. She was hoping to keep busy during the winter months by hosting swinger nights for Professional people Doctors, Lawyers, et al. She invited three couples, of which we were one, together with 6 single guys who were more local, so they attended only after dinner,wink not for it.
Over dinner we couples got on exceptionally well, all conversationalists. Ricky the hostess had asked us not to talk too much about swinging, that turned out to be sage advice. Other couples were younger than us, I being 50 and my husband 56 at the time. The guys arrived as per invitation, as we were still dining they were shown into  a comfortable lounge, the Hostess organised drinks for them as they awaited we diners/ladies to join them.
After dinner we went through to the lounge joining the guys for coffee, all gave up easy chairs for the ladies, such a lovely gesture as the comfy sofas meant all three ladies were able to show rather a lot of leg. In my case I wore outré short flared dress that just covered my necessaries, to coin a phrase. It was stimulating chatting to the guys in such a lovely lounge, while making little or no effort to adjust my skirt, I was showing way too much, then this was a pilot scheme so why not let it go higher.surprise  
After a while a wife came over whispered that she fancied me, so would I go to their room for a starter before anything happened with the guys. I explained I wasn’t Bi so couldn’t oblige her, she didn’t seem put out. The conversation became fruity, I went with the flow answering questions from guys, not directing the conversation at all. One guy no more than 21 asked why I was a swinger. I answered: ’if God invented anything better, she kept that to herself’ The other two couples started to chat amongst themselves, so I had to field most questions from the young guys. I didn’t mind but felt  I should keep trying to bring the other 2 couples into conversation,however all my attempts failed as they were interetsed in eachother, mare than guys.
After coffee the other 2 couples announced they were going upstairs for starters,  that when they came back down they’d be ready to play; off they went to one of their rooms. My husband thought that less than gracious to either our hostess or guys; by squeezing his hand I managed to get him not to comment. Now we were one couple & 6 guys, plus our hostess who was doing a stirling job without any staff members present at all.yes
The talk got back to fruity matters, I made more effort to answer, I couldn’t now be keeping anyone out of the conversation. Also my husband got up to assist Rickie with drinks so one young guy took my husband's seat. As conversations continued he started to touch my leg, enough to draw attention but not so heavy as to make me at all uncomfortable. I crossed uncrossed my legs managing to be witty enough to make guys laugh, break the tension, even if I thought at the time the tension was rather delicious. Rickie came in with  fresh drinks and a Sex Game, returning to the kitchen. Through the doorway I saw  my husband assisting her to fill a dishwasher, quite domestic. I knew the game as did the guys, its all about getting our clothes off. Asked if we really needed it, the guys agreed we didn’t. I asked if one could help me out of my dress? I soon had assistance. Naked except for stockings suspenders and stilettos, I sat back into the comfy sofa. The young guy asked if I’d once more cross & uncross my legsm as I’d done in my short dress. I couldn’t do it straight so mimicked Kenny Everett, ‘all in the best possible taste’ it stopped conversation. A guy who’d said little till then came over knelt between my legs and proceeded to give me oral-sex. In silence two other stood either side of me, I first took one then the others penis into my mouth, without them asking or even offering their cocks.angel  
As the tableau continued other guys undressed, one rolled a condom on, I brand I hadn't seen before: Durex Avanti-BARE when ready I indicated for the guy giving me a licking to move, the naked guy got between my legs and soon impaled me on his Durex BARE encased cock. enlightened 
He was good with fast pelvic thrusting’s, I implored him to go faster and faster, not hesitate at all. My husband came from somewhere with towels which he managed to slide underneath us as we were fucking on a high quality soffa. The guy didn’t break stroke. I was racing to an orgasm as he shot his load and I came too, squirting all over his cock. It was a good job my husband had got the towels. Not only my love juice, the guy pulled out, removed his condom and shot his load over my tits. I mean by love juice thicker as when a woman orgasms not releasing urine, often called gushing.
I wasn’t allowed to hesitate, I was rolled over onto my front and a 2nd guy penetrated me from behind. Taking his lead from the previous guy he too went fast, soon he was Cumming, so was I for a 2nd time in just minutes. To cut it short 6 guys shagged me, all shot their loads over my tits, tummy or Bum. What was amazing is I think I may have had 6 orgasm but in the space of only 55min or less, that’s surely a record, well for me it is at least.
I needed a drink and visit to the bathroom, on my return I was immediately asked if I would fuck again, this time I took two in my vagina together, had a third in my mouth spit-roast style. Amazingly they were all able to fuck me a 2nd time, whilst this time they all came inside their condoms, it was great with rapit pelvic thrustings. I don’t think I had six more orgasms but I certainly had more, last of which was with guys 3 and 6 respectively during their 2nd helpings, but they were my orgasm 7 and 8 in aprox than 90mins .
It was at that moment the other couples returned, seeing me with two guys in my vagina. They’d clearly enjoyed themselves upstairs. It didn’t stop the husbands from disrobing to fuck me, both in my vagina together. I didn’t come with the two husband but they most certainly did, each in turn was able to withdraw remove their condoms and cum over my tits. Now I was in ecstasy, unable to resist anything. When the girl who’d asked me to join her in their bedroom went down on me, I cooperated. From nowhere a strap-on was produced, I felt that go up me with the lady thrusting equal to any man in terms of pelvic-speed. I imagined it to be one of the young guys fucking me, yet still I wasn’t able to induce my orgasm.crying
After further refreshment and cleaning, 4 of the 6 guys managed to fuck me a third time but to my knowledge none ejaculated. However the 2 husbands did, they went through me for their 2nd helpings amd both come over me.  
In all this only lasted about four hours, how I came so many times, the guys too, defeats me but it was a wonderful night and I was fully sated. devil 
I have heard that Rickie is no longer intent on holding such events, hope I wasn’t part of her decision, as this was a sensational Partouse I loved every minute of. I understand B&B marketing group she belongs to took umbrage at thoughts of a member of their Mkt group hosting Swinger Dinner, Bed & breakfasts, that drove other hosts in the same group into high dudgeon. angry

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