Chloe's Contract

Chloe's Contract Chloe's Contract is by David James and published by Chimera Books. It is available from Amazon or direct from Chimera Books web site at

This is the first of a series of books centered on The Abbey, a private center for the personal study and practice of all aspects of sex and sexual behavior. The books are not sequential so incidents in Chloe's Contract are likely to appear in other books but from another perspective. The objective is to examine the whole range of the complex world of sexual reality, psychology and fantasy through a series of novels that remain, I hope, intensely erotic. I hope you enjoy this short extract DJ

Chapter One

Excitement and terror in equal measure contributed to his shivering tension as he felt the lubricated nose of the phallus press against his anus. She had welcomed him to an apartment that seemed to take up the whole of the top floor of a converted warehouse, not as a stranger but warmly and he, not knowing what to expect, enjoyed her light kiss on his cheek and the touch of her hand between his legs.

'I am your Mistress,'Mistress Amanda', she had said. She was dressed much as he had imagined she would be. He was transfixed by the leather, the four inch heeled boots reaching to her thighs, the sheer black stockings straining the suspenders of her snugly fitting Basque, tight laced around her waist and pushing up her breasts that were, even without its support, obviously beautifully full and rounded.

Her raven black hair fell in soft waves around her shoulders and the deep red of her lips and the dark eye shadow with the thick leather collar around her neck provided every indication that she was indeed a Mistress of both awe and beauty. At forty-five years old, it had taken him years to pluck up the courage to ring one of the mobile telephone numbers appearing in the Adult section of his local paper and he was understandably nervous. 'Beautiful, tall and commanding lady prepared to take on suitable trainees' followed by the number. She was charming on the 'phone.

She asked him some questions about himself and his experience, casually mentioning a 'tribute' and asking whether it was his first visit to a Mistress. It was . He would therefore require some strict training as new candidates often took some time to understand their role. Was he prepared to undergo the harsh regime under which she would be obliged to place him? He was.

He had wanted to be controlled and he had to admit, be abused by women for as long as he could remember. Could he come dressed for the occasion? What did she want? He was to wear a suspender belt and stockings under his normal clothes. He shivered with excitment at the thought.

Although he would not have described himself as a transvestite or homosexual (he did not want to be or be taken for, female) he had always taken pleasure in dressing up in women's underwear and had a collection of sexy belts, stockings, and panties and even corsets and shoes. He knew he had been instinctively moving towards this moment for many years. Now he had finally taken what was to become an irrevocable step, he was going to leave nothing to chance. For this, his very first time in the real world of Mistress and submissive, he had taken out his favorite black, shiny plastic corselet which had three suspenders for each stocking and a series of straps that, had he had breasts, would have framed them. He had dressed carefully for this special occasion: fine, silk, seamed stockings, the corselet itself and the black matching thong panties. His cock and balls nestled comfortably in the pouch of the thong. Over this outfit he wore his normal clothes carrying his high-heeled shoes in an opaque plastic bag. The whisper of his trousers brushing against his silk clad thighs as he walked to the address he had been given heightened his excitement.

As she began to caress him he hardened quickly and naturally made no objection to the unzipping of his fly and the cool, expert entrance of her hand into the cavity of the pouch. She levered the tight elastic waistband down and freed his cock and balls. Would he like to undress and put on his high-heels? He would.

She led him to a darkened room lit by tall, red candles and with long mirrors on two adjacent walls. The other two walls were hung with numerous, stomach churning paddles, straps, canes and numerous belts and collars on racks. There were hooks in the ceiling and various stools and chairs on the floor. She left saying that she would be back in a very short while and expected him to be ready. He undressed and put on his black, patent leather high-heels, carefully tightening the straps and ensuring that their ends went neatly through the buckles. He stood up and looked at himself in the mirrors both from the front and from the sides. He had good slim legs, which looked even better in the three-inch heels. She returned.

Was he ready? He was. He looked good, she admitted - but he was just a slut. He whispered agreement. When did he last masturbate? He told her it was yesterday. He was a dirty slut then. He whispered agreement again. He should always refer to her in this room as 'Mistress'. '˜Yes, Mistress'. He should have got it right first time. He would have to be punished. '˜Yes, Mistress'. 'And we need a name for you - a female name.' 'Yes Mistress.' 'I think you are "Chloe2" '. '˜Thank you Mistress.'

She reached into a drawer and took out a single black stocking. Taking his now rigid cock and his balls out of their comfortable pouch she knotted the end of the stocking agonizingly tightly around his balls and with a single movement dragged him onto his knees, knotting the other end through a concealed ring in the floor. He could keep his back straight but only just. He certainly could not get up.

She moved what looked like a low, sloping jumping horse without the handles and slid it underneath him, forced his torso down so he lay along it. As she pushed it underneath him, his pelvis was raised so that the sack of his balls was stretched, trapping them frighteningly tightly at the end of the sac. She brought his arms down along the legs at the far end and secured his wrists close to the floor with Velcro straps. Then she secured his thighs to the legs at the other end.

He was helpless but despite the pain from his stretched balls, his cock remained rigid, hanging heavily beneath the stool and he could feel the blood pumping through it. She knelt down beside him and, almost tenderly, caressed his trapped balls.

Was this the sort of treatment that he had had in mind? He nodded. She squeezed his testicles sharply and he gasped. '˜Yes, Mistress' '˜That was better - I suggest we start your training immediately'

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