A Session with My Mistress

Recently my mistress summoned me to her home .after giving me a glass of win she made me undress to stand before her naked. She then roped me with a noose around my neck and a smaller one round my cock and balls until I was tightly held. She ten manacled me to the centre pole with my hands up high where she gave me a severe flogging and cropping . at the same time she pu ton me a cock and ball strap and sucked me as a warmup. She felt at this stage I deserved some reciprocal pleasure and took myplace on the pole and allowed me to flog her back and bum. Aftrerwards she took me into the dungeon and tied me to the St.Andrews Cross to cane me enthusiastically,leaving some fine wheals. This excited her greatlyas she masturbated with her other hand at each stroke.. She the permiited me to rest whilst sheclimbed into the seat of her swing .I sat on a low stool to worship her feet beforepulling her legs apart to plunge my face into her private parts to ravishly lick her pussy until she reached the most splendid orgasm.
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