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A rather different women’s magazine

We aim to step away from the traditional women’s magazine format with its narrow focus on celebrity, weight, fashion and beauty and explore our inner lives, histories and what it means to be a woman.

Our key values are storytelling, community, curiosity, passion, pleasure and humour. The aim is to celebrate women and offer a platform for different voices to help bring about social change and personal development.

Our focus is sex, health and wellbeing and we publish features, interviews, product reviews, profiles and lifestyle content around the following themes:

•    Culture and Society
•    Sexual Politics
•    Women’s Issues
•    Health
•    Book Reviews – fiction foreplay, stories and oral histories
•    Modern Parenting
•    Sex and Creativity

Oct 2013 issue: ‘The Body’ – explores our bodies and minds, sexual health and sexuality as a reflection on the 1971 feminist classic Our Bodies, Ourselves published by the non-profit organisation Our Bodies, Ourselves and now in its 9th edition.

We are also working on a series of Rude ebooks around various themes and topics including sex toys, health Q&As, orgasms, spiritual kink, oral histories and raising sexual energy. If there are any topics you’d like us to write about please let us know!

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We want to build a worldwide community of contributors who share our values and want to change the status quo of traditional women’s media. If you’re a writer or erotic artist and want to submit ideas/personal stories/work, email

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