Are Entrance Fees Fair?

A very debated and interesting topic is the pricing guide in clubs.  This point of view, from an erolife member is of interest to many of us.  Once you have read it, give us your point of view in the forum...

“ Getting a little fed up with it “

Well over the years I've not only visited clubs, either as a couple or as a single guy but have worked in clubs charging some of these exorbitant entry fees, and the reasons for doing so seems varied. I feel the unsaid bottom line is, if single guys want to come in “well make sure we charge them for the pleasure”.  I've also heard the line “we need to keep numbers down so let’s charge them a high price to keep them away, if they’re that desperate they’ll pay it!”.

Some clubs seem to think they are elitist and want to charge a higher price to single guys to make them look a high end club, and to try and keep the unwanted away, and I know a club who used that line for the reasoning for their pricing.  And I have to say, the club was very nice and it did warrant a higher price band maybe, but why only aimed at the single guys?

So, my experience recently has been mixed. Some clubs are very fair on their pricing and it’s all nice and level. For example single ladies £10, couples £25 and the single guys £30.  Now, the clubs I found doing this are being fair and equal and want a nice mix of people and the custom and from experience the club is full and everyone is happy.  Seems to be, in my opinion, what a club should do, is get people in the door, create an atmosphere and a good night will be had.  That said they do limit the amount of single guys coming in and I agree that’s the right thing to do.  But there are one or two clubs either wanting to cash in on the single guy front as an easy earner or are struggling to stay afloat.  Either or both maybe.

For example, a recent trip for me to a club was cancelled when I saw the pricing! Single females free, couples £35 and the good old cash cow single guys £60!!!! Sixty quid to enter a club? No, not for me. And feedback on that night wasn’t good.  The couple who I was meant to go with said the club was OK but the amount of single guys patrolling the place was ugly. Only a few, maybe six couples in the place and they think they counted 30 single men.  Apart from the financial sums to be done on that, it just doesn’t inspire as a nice place to be.  And it wasn’t; all or most of the couples including my friends had gone by midnight leaving a swarm of guys looking miffed. I just can’t see that’s good business sense nor a great way to run a club to entice couples too. The lady of the couple said she’s a greedy girl and likes to have choice but she said it was off putting and felt dangerous. Fair comment I would say.

I’ve been in the swarm myself when I’ve been to a club and the club was full of guys and only a few couples. If the couples are very picky, and they can be, why shouldn’t they, lots of guys are going to be angry, frustrated and will not come back. Nor will upset couples, who feel pressured and unhappy with the ratio mix.

Now I also see another side to the pricing as well. Are clubs letting single ladies and couples in for almost if not free virtually, so they get the single guys in and milk that cow? Not interested in atmosphere just the cash till ping! That’s very disrespectful to the ladies and couples and almost borders on prostitution.  These are the clubs I’m not interested in visiting. Not interested, horrible. Wrong for the scene in my opinion. l think they should be called Sex Clubs and I can name one place, if not more, that has girls who like to “entertain” gentlemen on certain nights and only charge for an entrance fee. Hmmmm...not for me either.

I like the club scene, I like to pay an entrance fee that is level and respectful to all. I like to go to a club that has the people balance right. I like to chat to couples and have them like me enough they want to take it further because of who I am, not just because I’ve paid to get in! There are clubs out there getting it right, and those clubs I will be going back to.

Here’s a question I would love answered:  I know some answers that are given, but why are single guys so despised by couples and clubs? We’re not all mongrels who can’t take no for an answer and dribble when they see a women.  For example:

I was at a club with friends a few weeks ago and I was happily chatting to a couple who were lovely, and very responsive to me. Then...suddenly that question was asked; “who are you with, is it that girl there?”.  I replied “no they’re my friends, I’m here as a single guy”.  Oh my word!!

I must have grown horns and started to dribble blood or something. They instantly picked up their glasses and walked away from the group. Just incredible, such hatred! The guy went off to one of the organisers and I could see him asking why I was in the club. He came back over to me and in front of the group said “your f..king lucky to be in here”.  We all looked at each other and I was asked what I had said, seems nothing that should have got that response. The organiser came over and asked if I had upset them, and the girl from another group stood up for me and said I’d been more than nice but they had gone skits when they’d realised they were talking to ... A SINGLE GUY! Amazing.  Anyway, I was allowed in as I was an invited single guy. If I had been part of a couple I would have been fine, but something happens to me when people find out I am a single guy? Odd...

Please have your say and see what others have said in the forum thread titled “’Are entrance fees fair?” (click to link directly to the forum thread)

Article inspired and written by Chuckster.

We invite clubs to comment on their pricing systems also, so we may have a better understanding of the way guests are categorised and for what reasons.


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