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You create your own erolife by being active, enjoying your choices and being proud of who you are.  Don't let others tell you "your way" is not the right way..... we are all individuals, have our own ways of expressing ourselves and enjoying our eroticness.

s. benedikt 2011


How To Create Your erolife

Welcome to erolife! Here you can express yourself freely and enjoy your eroticism to the fullest, with others who also enjoy an erotic lifestyle and appreciate what it means to have another side to life.  So, on erolife, you can feel comfortable in your own skin.  Below are a few tips on creating your persona; through your personal profile:

  • Write sincerely and truthfully about yourself
  • Use the given sections of your profile to give other members a good idea of who you really are - what makes you tick: what you like, what you don't and what you want.
  • Your Avatar is very important - nothing looks more boring than a member without an avatar picture - they also can be your best selling point - pictures speak louder than words!
  • Uploading photos are very personal - a great way to show yourself off & send all the right signals - depending on what you want to say!
  • Your motto is the short version of the rest of the profile - your "tag line" - grab the attention of other members with just a few words.

Membership Types
erolife has three memberships to choose from:

White                   Silver                       Gold

After registration, you are automatically a White member, which is free.  Silver and Gold memberships are premium accounts and due to the usable features and +18 adult content, they are chargeable.  As a comparison, an annual membership costs the same as a pair of nice jeans - so for a whole year's fun on erolife, that's great value.

Password Security
Your password is very important; to you and to us, and should be protected from others at all times.  Due to the adult content in erolife.co.uk and your own personal membership information, photos and videos - keep your password private!  If you feel your account details may be know by someone else, change your password, through your "My erolife/Change Password" feature. Erolife will never ask you for your login details - so don't give them to anyone else either!

Your password must be a minimum of 6 characters long.  To add extra security, it should include both uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. The password should be easy enough for you to remember it, but not too easy for others to guess. It is advisable to change your password periodically. You should not use words that are easily connected with you e.g. your email account e.g. hotmail or google, your own name, your partner´s, your pet´s or your company name.
Should you forget your password, no problem, just look for this symbol in the top right hand corner of your erolife home page.  Press it and follow the instructions.


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