Forum Helpful Rules and Hints

Helpful Rules

  1. Always repect other points of view
  2. Do not make deflamatory or cruel actions against other erolife members
  3. Keep to topic - unrelated or unerotic threads are not sexy
  4. Only post content (photos/graphics) that belongs to you and you have the rights on
  5. Be aware photos of an adult nature will be subject to +18 terms.  All forum photos are protected from non members view and those not relevant to the thread will not be accepted
  6. When a topic or thread is deemed to be dead, due to lack of content, it will be locked.  Content can still be read but no new posts can be made
  7. Do not post links to external references outside of, unless erotic and not contra the ethos/working practice of
  8. Posts are amendable by admin if deemed to show unnecessary SHOUTING, wrong usage of "Quote reply" or any terms of erolife are broken.
  9. If you have a request you would like to be considered for a forum topic, email erolife support, through your "my erolife" option


Helpful Hints

To make a new thread (new subject relating to the forum topic):

  • Navigate to the topic you want to talk about
  • Click in the the "Create Thread" button
  • Enter your title for the thread - make it clear what you are asking/saying "short and sweet"
  • Underneath, in the text box, write your text explaining your thread, what you want to talk about
  • Press "Create Thread"
  • Your thread now appears as a topic sub header, for other members to communicate about

To make a new comment/answer about a current thread:

  • In the thread you want to add a comment to, click one of the following:
  • Reply: allows you to make a direct reply under the last thread
    • After writing your reply and uploading any relevant pictures, press Post Answer
  • Quote Reply: use this option to copy the text from the post you want to comment on, which was not the last post.  Start writing at the bottom of the copied text, when you have finished - Post Answer
  • Private Reply: this will return the message to the author, in the form of a private message.  Write your message underneath the quoted text and press - Reply Privately

You can opt to monitor or stop monitoring threads at any time.

Once you have posted your comments, you cannot undo them, so write with care!


Questions & Answers

Why Was My Post Deleted?
Text or graphics found to be offensive to others or in breach of the terms and conditions may be amended and/or deleted.  Please refer to our forum rules.

How Can I Report An Offensive Post?
To report an offensive or inappropriate post, please click on the "Report This" button under the post. You will need to type in a reason for reporting the post. Our moderators will check the details and contact you as soon as possible.


updated 22/01/13