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South London Swingers

Went to South London Swingers last Saturday 10th March (to be honest I'm involved with the house they use). Met a great bunch of people and the stocks provided some fun. looking forward to their next one on 31st March, come and say hello to me.

12.03.2012 08:20
[RE] South London Swingers

I new you would love the Stocks and thats why we left them for all to use and have fun with.

Hope all goes well at your events and we catch up soon.

Norman xx

16.03.2012 01:30
[RE] South London Swingers

I was there the same night and agree, it was a wonderful party. I think you saw me playing in a ground floor room, we certainly spoke. It’s the way your wonderful house is laid out that makes every SLS event worth the long journey for us. The ground floor marble-hall makes it easy for guys to come over to introduce themselves. A lounge with comfortable sofas and giant screen TV for Videos is ideal. The room with one way mirror means those who enjoy being watched can play discrete from their audiences,  knowing those outside watching, derive pleasure as voyeurs. I saw the stocks on the 1st floor, it went through my head to ask my husband to place me in them, my bum to the audience. However at that very moment two gorgeous young guys invited me into the room with the white line, dishy lads took my attention. We went into the room with white lines where no one can join you on a bed unless specifically invited. As it turned out those two guys kept me busy for a while. You've a great house, no wonder South London Swingers are attracting more and more elegant swingers every time they hold a Professional-Swingewrs Party.    

18.03.2012 20:36
[RE] South London Swingers

Thanks for the compliment, it's a shame you didn't get in the stocks would definitely have paid you some attention. SLS do attract a good crowd as do the others that host parties at the house. Hope to see you again soon.

05.04.2012 09:30
South London Swingers
[RE] South London Swingers

Another great night at southlondonswingers  parties in the sutton house. Thanks for all the 21 couples that attended our back to school party 14th April.

Lots of fun, hope to see you all on 28th April for our Traffic light glow band party. Open to all Straight bi couples and single guys, Straight or bi.



17.04.2012 23:47
South London Swingers
[RE] South London Swingers

Southlondonswingers TRAFFIC LIGHT GLOW Band party(Free Bands) Held last saturday of the month

Red= Stop don't even bother , I do not play or an a newbie.,Yellow= Approach with care,I might be tempted. Green= I'm on the pull and will play! Please ask.Blue= I'm bi curious or bi. Lesbian or gay.

Great fun, these parties are a good way to start for first timers/shy or experienced people.

Hope to see you again soon.

Frank,Rita and crew


04.05.2012 23:17
O.M.G Fantasy Show
[RE] South London Swingers

Hi We're new to Erolife. My names Keri and provide saucy cabaret for swingers & fetish parties. We love to get party guests hot & horny!!.... Take a look at our profile....O.M.G Fantasy Show ;-))))  xxxx

03.06.2012 20:11
South London Swingers
[RE] South London Swingers

Can't wait for Saturday  26th Oct 2013  Halloween Plus traffic light glow band party.

Come say hi..... or boo.

halloween fancy dress up optional.


22.10.2013 14:38
South London Swingers
[RE] South London Swingers

Next party Sat 30th Nov 2013-Traffic light wrist glow band party 9:30pm-2am.Couples,Single Ladies & Single Men



25.11.2013 14:45
[RE] South London Swingers

Its some time since I was last at S.L.S but always enjoyed their Traffic Light events. Why other clubs haven't copied this simple idea I can't understand. Guys know where they stand if a lady wesrs s Red Band, possible her first visit and wants to learn more before doing anything, other than sex eith her husband/partner.

Amber meaning she's prepairing but could go back to Red.

Green & Amber, she is about to move to play but cautiously.

Green, I'm a confident player so here to Play, buy highwaycode still applies in terms of safety and how I Play

I always wore Green, so guy's could approach knowing I was there for sex but would select who I played with. Not a guarantee but at least guys could introduce themselves knowing they had at least a good chance and that I wouldn't be offended. Its a good system!

04.12.2013 22:05
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