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How important is kissing?

How important is kissing? Not important, very important , maybe it's a complete no no.

24.03.2015 09:33
Mrs Benedikt
[RE] How important is kissing?

Depends who it is.. lol

Not an easy subject.....

01.04.2015 14:59
[RE] How important is kissing?

Kissing is the most intimate of acts. It has so many varieties too. Sex without it can still be amazing but for the ultimate connection and sensual experience kissing is the real deal, especially when done well.


15.05.2015 11:40
[RE] How important is kissing?

I've been surprised at the number of people I've encountered where that's reserved only for them. Without kissing you're a bit disconected!

16.05.2015 11:43
[RE] How important is kissing?

Not a lot of activity here, so I will chip in. I love kissing and it's extremely important for me. Sex without kissing is much less enjoyable.

02.01.2017 15:31
[RE] How important is kissing?

Very important

31.01.2017 08:36
[RE] How important is kissing?

I think kissing is important and sensuous. I love to kiss everywhere!

05.02.2017 15:52
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