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Buying Chinese made erotic clothing.

I'm not going to say "don't' buy it but please proceed with caution, especially when buying latex wear as most forum articles I've read ( and that's a hell of a lot ) seem to point out very nasty quality issues which are pretty hard to correct and end up frustrating the buying with not much chance of putting it right.

Everyone likes a bargain but if your bargain has been made with chemicals like to causes a skin rash, or fall apart after a few wears you're not going to be happy.

AS a word of advise, Ebay seems to be the worse place for buying Chinese bad quality latex clothes and,  just ad insult to injury , quite a few the Chinese companies on ebay pinch other western manufacturers pictures.

This situation isn't going to improve because there's nothing people can do from here other than advise people like yourself to CHECK first where the item is coming from hopefully see sense in not buying latex clothing from China.

If it's a huge bargain compared to other similar items there's usually a good ( or bad as the case may be ) reason for it.

If  I'm allowed to go further with this thread I will do by point out the culprits to avoid on ebay that other forums have mentioned.

17.08.2013 04:18
[RE] Buying Chinese made erotic clothing.

I'll second that. I would go as far as saying that whatever you buy, look for quality. Unrelated to clothing, I have started to eat healthier and it had a big effect on me.

02.01.2017 15:43
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