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Your erolife - Sex and Erotic
Feel free to spill the beans and tell everyone how you feel about your erotic lifestyle, sex and how you keep it fresh and interesting.
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Last Post: 05.02.2017 15:52   Threads: 77
Anything and everything about sex.
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Just for Girls
Last Post: 09.10.2016 17:21   Threads: 4
Chit chat, advice and support, girly style.
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Only For Men
Last Post: 02.01.2017 15:36   Threads: 6
Time to communicate!
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Last Post: 04.12.2015 03:01   Threads: 5
Find friends, playmates and more...
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Last Post: 18.07.2015 08:28   Threads: 9
For couples only.
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Last Post: 08.08.2016 16:54   Threads: 22
Connect & Reflect.
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BDSM & Fetish
Last Post: 24.10.2016 15:52   Threads: 28
Share, dare and express.
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Bi, Lesbian or Gay
Last Post: 13.05.2014 16:14   Threads: 1
Be who you are and love it!
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T-girls and Admirers
Last Post: 14.04.2015 14:17   Threads: 5
Do your thing, support others and kill out of date myths.
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Events & Parties
Last Post: 28.09.2016 12:42   Threads: 33
Talk about where you are going & where you went: the good, the bad and the ugly!
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In The Flesh
Last Post: 16.08.2013 07:56   Threads: 2
Do Blind Dates and Private Meets work for you?
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Last Post: 18.10.2013 20:21   Threads: 3
Have your say on the latest gossip and articles.
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Last Post: 24.06.2015 18:57   Threads: 3
Where do you go? Recommendations and Tips & Tricks for sex abroad.
Life and Sex with a Handicap
Last Post: 18.12.2011 14:07   Threads: 0
Being different - don't let it change who you are.
Clubs & Party Organisers
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Last Post: 06.10.2016 21:51   Threads: 11
General club & party threads.
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Erotic Swinger Parties
Last Post: 29.10.2014 16:11   Threads: 2
Experience the best clubs abroad, join the tours and talk about your own visits to Germany, France, Holland, Spain and beyond.
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The Lodge
Last Post: 10.09.2014 19:51   Threads: 5
Keep in touch with your friends, the latest gossip and event info.
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Club Subversion
Last Post: 08.10.2015 18:14   Threads: 8
Find out all you want here about Club Subversion, ask questions and get involved in their events.
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Vanilla Alternative
Last Post: 07.11.2013 17:40   Threads: 8
Keep in touch with your friends, the latest gossip and event info.
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Tease II
Last Post: 01.08.2012 18:56   Threads: 2
Keep in touch with your friends, the latest gossip and event info.
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Last Post: 14.08.2013 21:52   Threads: 1
Keep in touch with your friends, the latest gossip and event info.
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The Hellfire Club
Last Post: 12.01.2012 17:03   Threads: 5
Keep in touch with your friends, the latest gossip and event info.
Erotic Art & Photography
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Techniques & Equipment
Last Post: 02.07.2012 21:25   Threads: 1
A favourite camera and the right lighting can create your masterpiece. How do you know what is right for the part?
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Location, Location, Location!
Last Post: 16.08.2013 19:14   Threads: 3
Not only is the equipment important - finding the background to suit your image is paramount to set the scene.
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Your Next Top Model?
Last Post: 18.10.2012 17:02   Threads: 1
Models work much harder than given credit for. Talk about the fun times too and who is your favourite photographer?
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Erotic Artists
Last Post: 01.04.2014 00:56   Threads: 4
Give us the opportunity to live our dreams, on canvas, out of plaster, on film.
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Erotic Literature
Last Post: 02.01.2017 15:33   Threads: 5
Can Inspire and lift the soul, share your favourites and tell us what we are missing out on.
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Movies & Porn
Last Post: 11.12.2012 11:43   Threads: 2
All that is sexy horny and hits the right spot.
What's On Your Mind?
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erolife admin
Last Post: 16.04.2013 19:03   Threads: 1
Here you can find the admin team, always happy to help if you need it :-)
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Anything goes, erotic or not
Last Post: 30.10.2013 22:00   Threads: 14
The crazy corner for extra special thoughts!
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Ideas for erolife
Last Post: 14.01.2013 10:19   Threads: 10
Make erolife yours, create, support & belong.
Vote on your favourite profile picture and choose a winner. Who will be lucky this month?
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erolife Competitions
Last Post: 11.06.2014 13:51   Threads: 3
Check out which competitions are currently running and get involved - before you miss out!
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Valentine Photo Competition
Last Post: 14.02.2013 22:20   Threads: 1
Inner Beauty Photography and erolife bring you this special gift for Valentines day. Post your sexiest picture here and on 14th February the winner will receive a free professional photo shoot with Pat Bloomfield, worth £240! Strike that pose!
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Avatar Winners - September's 3 Finalists
Last Post: 23.09.2012 15:20   Threads: 3
Tell us your favourite of the 3 nominated profile pictures and why - choose your winner - enjoy!
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Avatar Winners - August's 3 Finalists
Last Post: 07.09.2012 11:44   Threads: 3
Give your favourite the thumbs up - open to vote until the end of the month. Enjoy!
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Avatar Winners - July's 3 Finalists
Last Post: 31.07.2012 07:51   Threads: 3
Give your favourite the thumbs up - you have until the end of the month. What are you waiting for - make your choice! Only vote for one.
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